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Best bang for your buck: Fireworks

FHS Booster Club fireworks booth
ABOVE: The FHS Booster Club fireworks booth -- open for business. BELOW: Athletic Director and Wrestling Coach Bill Lum helps man the booth. Photos by Ariana Birondo.
Coach Bill Lum helps man the booth

The Foothill High School Booster Club offers fireworks and fun at fantastic prices. Proceeds benefit FHS athletics.

As the Fourth of July approaches, Foothill High School has taken advantage of the TNT fireworks fundraising program for teams and clubs around the school. For every team or club member (must be over 18) that volunteers, his team/club gets a percentage of the money he helped to raise that day.

The Booster Club sent out an email in June to various organizations at FHS to sign up to help with the fireworks booth. If members of the organization wanted to raise money, but didn’t want to work at the fireworks booth, they could sell script and earn 25% of whatever is sold.

While at the fireworks booth, I asked the volunteers what their favorite fireworks are, Bridget Daner, representing the cheer team, said, “My personal favorite is the LOL, but I think it’s just because I like clowns.”

Also from the cheer team, Maria Hicks, told me her favorite firework is Delirium, “I love Delirium, it’s an amazing firework.”


Crackling Cactus Fountains My personal favorite has always been the Crackling Cactus Fountains. Although it might look like it won’t give you much bang for your buck, the Cactus has seven fountains with gold, purple, red, green, and blue stars ready to set off once you light it. Clown Face Firework A fountain firework with a clown face pictured on the front, the LOL will hopefully bring you a few laughs (hopefully meaning, I really hope nobody is so afraid of clowns that they can’t enjoy this firework). With its multicolored stars shooting off I hope everyone, even the people who are afraid of clowns, enjoy this one.
TNT Fountain Another firework to check out: The TNT Fountain, with an overall score of five out of five stars, the TNT Fountain is another favorite of mine too. Multicolored stars, silver glitter, and chrysanthemum with crackle, this firework has it all! Treasure Chest Firework Shaped similar to the Treasure Chest firework, Delirium lasts for 1 minute and 41 seconds. With sparks and colored drops shooting this way and that, you really can’t go wrong with this firework to tie up your fireworks display.



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