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Mascot at the rally
The Foothill High School mascot entertains the crowd in the gym at the year's first rally. Photo by Ariana Birondo.

Back to School Rally gets students pumped up for new school year

Leadership puts on a fun show to get the student body motivated.

As the second day of school approached (August 12), all the students and teaching staff at Foothill High School came together at 1:45 p.m. to celebrate the beginning of the new school year. All day, the students could not wait to have fun at the annual Back-To-School Rally, and made sure to wear plenty of black, white, and orange (Foothill spirit colors).

As everyone walked into the gym, they found their side to sit (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) and music was loud from the speakers. Teachers were standing at the sides of the gym, talking amongst themselves.

The rally began with Nicole Calimoso, the ASB President, grabbing the crowd's attention by pumping each class up and speaking with the microphone. The mascot was dancing all around the gym during this time, and sophomore cheerleaders began doing stunts.

Calimoso handed the microphone over to Lina Mantanona , who then introduced the department heads and teachers. The math department was first, followed by the English department, science department, social sciences department, art department, foreign languages department, special education department, and all of the counselors.

Mantanona gave the microphone back to Calimoso, and all the students gave applause for each department and teachers. Calimoso introduced the students to the new spirit stick and explained that students can win prizes if they showed spirit.

Cheerleaders doing a stunt
Cheerleaders perform a stunt in front of the juniors. Photo by Sharafeena Williams.

Students participated in the first game, "Gummy Fishing," where they tied their hands around their backs, and hopped down the room to a bowl of water and gummy worms. The students had to eat everything in the bowl, and the freshmen won the game.

After the first game, there was a dance performance by the group, "Truth Moves." The group had many student alumni of Foothill High School, including Gurvir Singh, DonRico De Castro, Ismael Sanchez, Christian Hartis, and Davy Nonong. The dance group did moves with crumping, back flips, floor work, turfing, and pop and locking.

When the dance performance was over, Calimoso pumped up the crowd again, and transitioned to the second game, "Plutonic Pies." In this game, two students from each class participated. One arm and one leg from both participants had to be tied together, and they worked together to get to the other side of the room. There was then a bowl filled with whipped cream and marshmallow for each participant. All participants had to eat everything, and go back to the starting point. Teachers Rosemary Davis and Deborah Young participated, but in the end, sophomores won.

Cheerleaders performed after the second game, doing stunts and a dance to Beyonce's single, "Who Run the World (Girls)." Freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior cheerleaders all did stunts, however only junior and senior cheerleaders performed the dance.

Cheeto Puffs, shaving cream, and a face
Somewhere under all that shaving cream and Cheeto Puffs is a student's face. Photo by Jaughn Freeman.

The third game was played next, where two members from each class got in the middle of the room, and bowls full of shaving cream and Cheeto Puffs were there as well. One person had to sit on his knees with hands around the back, while his partner would stand up and have 60 seconds to put shaving cream all over the partner's face and stick those Cheeto Puffs on as well. Teachers Sandra Bunch and Johnny Guest participated and they also won. Afterwards, Calimoso introduced class advisors and pumped up the crowd for the next performance. Foothill alum Castro came out and began singing and playing guitar while another Foothill alum, Hartis, played piano. The crowd responded well, and students began doing the wave.

Lastly, Calimoso announced spirit winners:
The freshman and sophomore classes tied for third place, the junior class won second place, and the senior side won first place.
The rally officially ended at 2:30 p.m., also the end of the school day.



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