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Textbooks causing some headaches

Textbooks are still piled in the library due to students not getting them during orientation
Textbooks are still piled in the library due to students not getting them during orientation. Photo by Nicole Calimoso.

Some students put off getting their textbooks until the school year began, which caused headaches for the librarians.

The distribution of school textbooks has caused a wide range of problems at Foothill High School this year.

Last year, students were required to get books from the cafeteria immediately after receiving their class schedules during registration. This year students were told to pick their books up in the school library, located in the middle of the school. Instead of collecting their books right away, students decided to put it off until school was in session.

As of right now, the library is still filled with piles of assorted textbooks because they are in charge of holding the books until students pick them up. In earlier years, the district provided classes with two sets of books; one for the classroom and one for the students to leave at home.

"I hate bringing my books to school," said Gabriella Rodriguez. "They're so heavy and I'm afraid to leave them somewhere and be charged with a big bill at the end of the year if it's not returned."

The two aspects of carrying books and having the fear of losing them have made students too lazy to take them into their possession.

Because the library is still holding a vast number of books, it isn't open for use. This has irritated those who rely on the library's access to Internet, books, and the ability to print. Without those resources nearby, students are able to tell their teachers excuses for not having completed work that has been assigned to them.

Until the majority of students have claimed their textbooks, the library won't be open for use and teachers will keep getting excuses for work and students will be given lower grades for missing assignments. So, let's spread the word to pick up our books and hope this won't be how the distribution of textbooks will be next year.


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