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Athletes keep themselves hydrated no matter the time of year

A freshman football player keeps himself cool during a game by pouring water on himself
A freshman football player keeps cool during a game by pouring water on himself. Photo by Jaughn Freeman.

Drinking water can keep an athletes body temperature even if they are not in extremely hot weather.

Heat gets to us all, whether your body temperature rises because of the activities you are performing or the temperature of the weather is high.

Many people deal with one or another cause of heat, but athletes deal with both at the same time. Athletes usually train year-round, including the summer. With the high temperatures and the continuous movement, body temperatures rise to extreme numbers, causing unpleasant results.

The heat can cause extreme fatigue, and with the combination of high activity, it can result in a possible heat stroke. Many athletes that play sports during the summer suffer from heat exhaustion.

With an athlete's adrenaline pumping, it becomes harder to breathe and a natural reaction is to take deeper breathes; every breath is taking in hot air, causing the body to reach even higher temperatures.

To lower the chance of heat-related conditions, athletes take breaks to rehydrate and keep cool. Some athletes pour cold water on themselves to keep their body temperature down.

Even if it's not summer, athletes should always stay hydrated and do whatever can be done to keep themselves cool.


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