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FHS Principal Joseph Williams Click for video
Ariana Birondo of fhspress.com interviews Foothill High School Principal Mr. Joseph Williams. Click above or HERE to watch the video.
One-on-One with FHS Principal Joseph Williams

The school's principal sits down with fhspress.com's editor to discuss Program Improvement, opportunities for students, how he likes it here at Foothill, and more.

Coming to a new school as a student is nerve-racking enough, but coming to a new school, having a whole new staff, and taking care of 1,300-plus students must be terrifying. Mr. Joseph Williams officially became principal of Foothill High School July 1, 2011. Before coming to Foothill, Williams had various jobs in education, such as being an Assistant Superintendent, a vice principal, an assistant principal, and a math teacher.

Knowing that Foothill has been identified as being in Program Improvement, Mr. Williams has high hopes to help students to realize their dreams and to give them what they need to improve.

"I do not believe that the API scores are a true reflection of the school and students' capacity," said Williams. "The school has the potential of being in the mid-700's, at least. There is a great student body, you see people in the halls interacting with one another, this school has the potential. Now we just have to give the students the opportunities they need."

Throughout the interview Mr. Williams said that he wants to give as many opportunities as he can to the student body. He says that we haven't been given what we need to excel at Foothill, and wants to help to change that.

NOTE—Click on the PLAY VIDEO link in the photo above to watch the nearly 18-minute interview.


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