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Dance contract remains in effect

Students have to get their dance contracts signed in order to attend Homecoming.

Leadership members, Lina Mantanona and Nicole Calimoso, sold homecoming tickets and gave out dance contracts at lunch to students
Leadership members, Lina Mantanona and Nicole Calimoso, sold homecoming tickets and gave out dance contracts at lunch to students. Photo by Amber-Chanel Anderson.

In order to promote a healthy and safe environment for school dances, the school requires all parents and students to read, understand, and sign a dance contract before a student pays for and/or attends a function.

During a homecoming dance from a previous year, a chaperone saw too much suggestive dancing among the students, so he/she decided to enact a dance contract to set a limit on students' behavior during functions. He/she showed the dance contract to the school administration, and the school administration approved and made the dance contract a mandatory requirement for attending school dances.

"The dance contract is great because it sets a necessary limit for students and their behavior on homecoming and/or prom night," said Sarah Knouse.

The dance contract clearly stats what is expected from each student, in terms of behavior, dress code, and way of dancing. Lewd dancing, such as freaking, is not allowed, and all students are required to follow "The Vertical Rule," meaning there will not be any bending, leaning over, grinding, or any other sexually suggestive movements. For the ladies, revealing clothing such as mini, low-cut, or see-through dresses are not allowed, while boys cannot sag their pants, and all clothing has to remain on at all times.

The dance contract also clearly states the consequences of violating the rules set, which are being subjected to suspension from school and loss of privileges to participate in any co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

"I look forward to homecoming every year, so I don't mind signing a dance contract in order to be able to attend," said Shelby Cassity.


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