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College credits aim of FHS ROP courses

The list of available courses to take next year at Foothill High School has become more appetizing.

Starting with Culinary Arts, Mrs. Beckie Bloemker's classes prepare students for the fast paced and exciting foods industry. Mrs. Cheri Mendoza's classes lead students to opportunities with working with children. Mrs. Rosemary Davis' medical careers classes get a chance to experience the health care industry, and Mr. Steve Dommer's courses in photography, video, and computer graphics allow students start creating a portfolio for the real world of video and print media.

"ROP classes offer students the opportunity to explore careers they may be interested in," said Bloemker. "For example, if a student thinks he would like to work in the restaurant/hospitality industry, he or she can take the beginning Culinary Arts 1 class the first year and then advance to the Culinary Arts 2 class the next year. Every ROP course on campus works this way."

The FHS Career Tech dept. chairperson explained how the ROP courses are related.
"All our ROP courses follow a two- to three-year pathway enabling students to get relevant, hands-on experience in their chosen career before leaving high school," Bloemker said. "ROP students graduate with college credit and a head start in their chosen profession."

Bloemker is referring to the college credits students earn automatically at American River College by earning a B or A in the ROP class at FHS.

The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is a public education service that provides practical, hands-on training and career guidance for students. ROP is designed to provide students with skills required for obtaining a job. This program helps students get experience needed to receive a job of their choice, update their existing skills, or train in a new field.

Whether students plan to go to college or directly into the workforce, their current job skills and experience are a benefit to the real world out of high school.
NOTE—fhspress.com staff member Irene Dumas contributed to this report.



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