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A uniform idea for Foothill

When you start getting ready for school in the morning, what takes up most of your time? If you're like me, it's deciding what to wear. For our own sake when we were little, our parents or guardians probably picked out our clothes for us. They knew that if we did the picking, we would probably be cowboys and ballerinas every day of the week.

As we grew up and matured, we got a lot more say in what we wore. Now our clothes say a lot about our personalities and who we are and what we like to do. It's our healthy way of expressing ourselves. Having a school uniform would take away that creativity that some teenagers may not be able to express at home. At Foothill Ranch Middle School, they require a uniform, but that is understandable. They have yet to reach the maturity needed to choose themselves. Why should we be treated like preteens when we're not?

We pride ourselves on being individuals and the fact that no one can be us and we can't be anyone else. Being in uniform, we're not individuals anymore but just another fish in the sea. Everyone looks just like one another and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Being able to dress ourselves gives us a sense of responsibility. It makes us take more pride in ourselves and allows us growth to be successful individuals after our primary schooling is over. Dressing ourselves gives us, say, power and control.

Having that power and control taken away from us will leave a lot of teenagers wondering, "What's the point in getting up in the morning?"



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