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Have cameras, will travel
Student using video camera
Steven Brandt sets up his video camera before a concert at Smythe Middle School. Photo by Ariana Birondo.
A student sits front and center to record last year's Club Live event
One of five Video Crew cameras sits front and center at last year's Club Live event. Photo: fhspress.com archives.

The fhspress.com Video Crew at Foothill High School is a group of elite computer graphics students who produce videos of various events for both its web site and DVDs.

The Video Crew uses high-end cameras to shoot FHS events, including concerts, talent shows, graduations, sports events, and even the "Every 15 Minutes" presentation against drunk driving.

There are many activities off campus that are also covered by the Video Crew. These include concerts that take place at other schools and Club Live's Annual Lip Sync show in downtown Sacramento at the Crest Theater.

Senior Jake Larson has been on the Video Crew since his freshman year, when he helped produce a boys basketball game at Foothill.

"One thing that has brought much satisfaction and joy to me would have to be joining the
fhspress.com Video Crew," said Larson. "All of the time filming and the long hours editing is definitely worth that one laugh or applause after our production is seen. I appreciate all those who have helped me along and will surely never forget it."

Other current members are 2012's Steven Brandt, 2013's Flynn Cohoon, and 2014's Mikayla Franklin and Julie Telles.

Profits made from the sale of DVDs go toward rewards dinners at some of the crew's favorite restaurants. Elephant Bar, Cheesecake Factory, and On the Border have been on the most recent list.




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