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Teacher Feature

Mrs. Creig Wilson, one of FHS's green thumbs

Mrs. Creig Wilson and her flowers
Mrs. Creig Wilson shows her love for gardening while posing outside the classroom of another green thumb at FHS, Mrs. Kris Mongerson. Photo by Charis Abrams.

Charis Abrams: For how long have you been gardening?

Mrs. Craig Wilson: Let's see, I'll start with my kids, so about 40 years or so. Actually I just started with indoor plants when I was younger in my apartment, so maybe about 50 years.

Abrams: Sounds like a long time, but fun! So throughout these years, what has turned out to be your favorite plant?

Wilson: Oh! I have to think about it. I like roses but they require a lot of work. There's a plant called catmint (not catnip).

Abrams: I've heard of that before. I've never seen it though.

Wilson: Yeah. They bloom for a really long time and they are fragrant. Some cats like them and some don't.

Abrams: What season do they bloom in?

Wilson: Most of the stuff I garden with is called a perennial. So they just come back every year. I do put annuals out but most of that stuff starts in the spring. Some plants are coming up now because the weather is being weird. But years ago I got started in the Master Gardening Program, when I had more time than I do now. I got involved with that.

Abrams: What is The Master Gardening Program?

Wilson: That's where you kind of work with other people and help them learn about gardening and when good times are to garden.

Abrams: Oh that's interesting! What is your favorite thing to plant in your garden, whether it is spring or winter?

Wilson: I plant a vegetable garden every year but it's not like I plant all the time. But often I rearrange it, move it around, and break it up. I love daffodils in the early spring. I do spread those out a lot. So I guess those can be my favorite. I love putting color in my garden also.

Abrams: Do you have a whole variety of colors and of different species?

Wilson: Yeah but it's not overwhelmingly amazing.

Abrams: If you could compare your garden to a place like Wal-Mart's garden, what would you say?

Wilson: Wal-Mart??

Abrams: Well, Yeah. I chose Wal-mart because I know how you feel about that business.

Wilson: Well my reaction is surprised; I have no idea what Wal-Mart's garden looks like.

Abrams: You've never seen it?

Wilson: Does it have a Garden?

Abrams: Yeah, well how about Home Depot then?

Wilson: Oh you mean like walk through with the tables. No, no. But I do have the pathways with the benches.

Abrams: And the light post?

Wilson: Kind of.

Abrams: Is it in your back yard?

Wilson: I have a lot of land so it's three-quarters of an acre. There is a patch that goes down the hill, and there is one by the veggie garden. It's spread out, but not like Wal-Mart. Ew. There are times where you can look through my garden where it looks pretty magnificent. There are also times where it doesn't look as good. For example in the winter and that's when I say, "It's all gone to sleep."




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