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Some sports more equal than others

Why not boys volleyball? There's more to it than just forming a team.

Student plays volleyball in the gym
Senior Simon Golub plays volleyball in the gym. He hopes FHS is able to form a team. Photo by Steven Brandt.

Title IX of the Educational Amendment is the landmark that bans sex discrimination in school, both in academics or athletics. The necessity is for women to have equal opportunities as men on a whole, not on an individual basis. Schools cannot just provide another boys sport, as the ratio of girls sports to boys sports would be unbalanced, leading to discrimination.

This year, guys lacrosse may not be playing, which would open a window for another sport to replace it. Lacrosse is a club sport. With the shortage of few local schools providing volleyball, it will be hard to schedule games or even scrimmages, and making a league will be a great challenge.

Sports have taken a huge hit from budget cuts to schools. Transportation is a huge problem, and for the last two years, FHS has been part of the PVL (Pioneer Valley Conference) with some schools a great distance away.

Volleyball will have a great possibility to replace lacrosse this spring season. This will attract great attention to many athletes as much as the fans during the spring season. Track and field coaches argue that it will take away athletes from their sport. It will also bring job opportunities to those willing to take this new challenge since there are many pending.

Students have taken matters into their own hands by creating a competitive volleyball league. Simon Golub is one of those many student-athletes who is interested in forming a team. He put sign-up sheets around campus and in just one school-day, 20 students signed-up.

"Imagine if I put up more sign-up sheets, many more will get involved and join," Golub said.
With many students interested, Coach William Lum, the school's athletic director, is currently working on creating this program. The school needs help from parents and others to get this process on track so that the chances of creating a new sport will be better.




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