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Expectations laid out for Foothill's Class of 2012
Senior Emily Snook delivers a Senior Activities Update
Senior Class President Emily Snook delivers a Seniors Activities update at the assembly. Photo by Julie Telles.

Seniors were pulled out of their second period classes to have a meeting in the big gym about expectations for the remainder of the school year. The January 26 assembly was hosted by the principal, Mr. Joe Williams, and other administrators and teachers. The meeting consisted of senior deadlines, goals, and events.

Every staff member had something very important to explain and remind the students about before graduation. Williams and assistant principal, Ms. Candice Wilder, explained how senior pranks are not going to be tolerated and those who behave badly from here on out will not have the privilege of being a part of the graduation ceremony. They also explained the two contracts they had given out which state that students will wear reasonable attire at the stadium and behave appropriately during graduation.

Mrs. Leisa Machado, the senior counselor, addressed the importance of maintaining good grades and not falling into "senioritis."

Yearbook advisor Mr. Steve Dommer handed out information for those interested in creating quotes for the yearbook and made sure that the seniors understood that yearbooks need to be purchased before spring break to be guaranteed a copy before school gets out.
Senior class sponsors also added important notes.

Mr. Matin Ledesma emphasized the rise in prices and necessity to buy caps and gowns before March 1. Mrs. Cheri Mendoza described the consequences of not paying fees due to the school for books, uniforms, etc. Emily Snook of the Class of 2012 gave out an organized schedule of senior events consisting of prom, the senior rally, senior sunset activity, breakfast, and mandatory graduation practice. Each person definitely held the attention of the seniors and gave much-needed information.

"The senior meeting was extremely informative and beneficial," said senior Amber Anderson. "It let me know in advance of all the senior duties that I need to take care of before [graduation on] May 31.

This meeting was held in order to keep the seniors on track until graduation. Keeping the seniors both informed and organized to finish the year was very important. Regardless of how harsh and bold the speakers came off, their main concern was to make sure as many seniors as possible are able to finish the year strong and graduate.

"It's nice to see the faculty express how much they enjoy working with the students throughout the years and to see them succeed," said senior teacher and assistant wrestling coach Mr. Justin Switzler.




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