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What's in a name? A paper by any other name ...is fhspress.com

Many students on campus know the group who brings you this very newspaper and supplies information to the school's website. Those who do pay attention know us as fhspress.com. However, we weren't always known by the simple abbreviation of our school.
The original name of our paper was Hoofbeats. It had been that way since long before any of the students attending Foothill today were even born. Opening day in 1965 was the first time Hoofbeats was used. However, when the current journalism advisor arrived, he figured that it was time for something new.

"I wanted a change when I was first hired at Foothill," said advisor Mr. Steve Dommer. "The journalism class at the time came up with a dozen or so ideas. Mustang Stampede was chosen."
So, during the 2003-2004 school year, the name of the newspaper was changed to Mustang Stampede. This title honored our own mascot, just as the last one had. It didn't last as long as the original had, though.

The very next year, a page on the school web site dedicated to the group was started, but it had a crazy long URL that was buried inside a mountain of folders. That was when sophomore Robin Epley, from Foothill's Class of 2007, suggested that Mustang Stampede buy its own domain. Many people agreed with this idea, and, before long, the name fhspress.com was thought up and secured for the web page.

For the next three years, the journalism staff distributed its very own newspaper to all who wanted to enjoy it. Sadly, the printing ceased in 2008 due to money issues. The Mustang Stampede was limited to online journalism only—as fhspress.com—at least until this school year.
Starting with the first issue this year, the name Mustang Stampede was dropped altogether. Dommer offered this reasoning:

"For the past couple years, we weren't known as Mustang Stampede anyway," he said, "even though the flag on our home page said so. People simply referred to us as fhspress.com. So both the online and print versions will go by that name heading forward.

Four issues of fhspress.com will be printed this school year. Thanks to Mr. Steve O'Donoghue of CSJI (California Scholastic Journalism Institute), as well as The Sacramento Bee, and SCOE (Sacramento County of Education), our papers are printed without cost to Foothill High School.
Hopefully, fhspress.com's name and our ability to produce our newspapers will last.




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