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Take pride in your school

When asked why somebody takes pride in something, some people might say that it looks good or it's beautiful. You take pride in what looks good to you, and you tend to take better care of something that is appealing to you. You treat things the way they looks. Most likely you will treat something that looks like crap like crap and vice versa.

About eight years ago was the last time our school's appearance was worked on and it's almost time again. People leave trash on the ground, vandalize walls, fight, leave food around campus when they're done eating and just toss their gum anywhere they please.
Our school appearance is suffering. Very few people take pride in our school and it shows. If our school went through annual beautification maybe students would take better care of the school.
Our school and our homes shouldn't be treated much differently. If you don't leave trash sitting around just anywhere, vandalize your own property or get into fights at home, why is it OK to come to school and do that? In order to make students stop treating the school like it's dirt, the school should undergo changes as well.

The school colors are orange and black, but the color is quickly fading. If the school was painted again it would bring life back to the school. More students and staff would take pride in the school and show more spirit because they're actually proud of the school they go to.




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