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Compromise for open campus and better food

Since I've gone to Foothill, the campus has always been closed during lunch. Students with or without cars are not allowed to leave to get food nearby. If students are caught leaving, police or teachers will either take away their food or give them detention.

There are very understandable reasons why students shouldn't be allowed to leave campus, but I believe that if given a few rules and regulations, they should be able to go off campus during their time of break to get better tasting food that they have been craving.

It is definitely unacceptable for students to leave and ditch school during class time. It is even worse if they don't ask permission, leaving the school liable for anything that happens when off school site grounds. As long as students run off and are able to return before fifth period, I believe an agreement should be made to allow responsible students to leave campus during lunch without having to pay any consequences. A sign up sheet and student ID drop off in the office for students stating that they MUST return by fifth period or else they get detention is seemingly reasonable.

I do understand the frustration the teachers and administration must get when students leave and go as they please, but students get just as equally irritated not being able to grab some good lunch or forgotten things left at home. If there was a reasonable system to allow on and off campus during break, I think that both the students and staff would be much happier.




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