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Closer to God club members share fellowship, Bible study

"The Great Awakening"

Student reads the Bible with Mr. Lanard German
Alex Pyavka sits with Closer to God Advisor Mr. Lanard German. "We're doing this to 'proclaim the gospel.'" (Mark 16:15) says Alex. Photo by David Banar.

"For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them." That's what Jesus Christ told his disciples and that's why many students at Foothill High School have decided to assemble a Bible Club. This club is different from many other clubs. Their purpose is to, "Have fellowship and to reach out to people about God," explained member Alex Pyavka.

The club could be normally seen sitting on the grass behind the library discussing the Bible. However, the club recently decided to start something some new outreach, something that could reach other students and that could benefit both our school and our community.
They have also decided to get more students and teachers involved into this "movement." They hope to accomplish many things. The student advisors of the club explained that they want the club to be a place where one can grow and be in fellowship with believers. Also they hope to do good deeds and, at the same time, welcome others to be part of it.

Many teachers that agreed to be involved with this club include Mr. Lanard German and Mr. Yuri Lavrenov. Health/ P.E. teacher, Mr. German, says "My vision is to just support the kids of this group." The teachers will help with organization and will have their classrooms available for the club meetings.

A few things that the club will do include holding meetings where they will discuss a topic and plan to accomplish certain tasks. Foothill isn't the only school that has decided to start a Bible club. Many schools in our area (including ours) have decided to join their clubs together in order to accomplish certain missions more successfully. Other aspirations of the club include helping improve this school and getting people connected.

The club meets in Mr. German's room (F6) on Fridays during lunchtime and welcomes anyone desiring to be part of what they hope to accomplish.




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