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Get help for Senioritis
Students browse Facebook while they should be working
Students with Senioritis. Photo by Jaughn Freeman.

The disease known as senioritis has been found at Foothill, and it seems to be spreading throughout several members of the student body.
Senioritis can be identified by a number of symptoms. The first two prevalent symptoma are a lack of energy and unwillingness to do work assigned to students. It can affect the GPA of students, and may be the reason for the panic in some students as graduation approaches.

Another noticeable symptom is the apparel those who have been afflicted are wearing. Those with senioritis are generally found wearing sweat pants, or pajamas, and possibly a hoodie.
Some may blatantly be breaking the rules, continually be on their phones, using research time to update their Facebook, or tweeting during class time.

Please be aware that it is not yet known if senioritis is contagious, or if it will only affect seniors, as the other classes may also be plagued. Always be cautious when having contact with victims, and if you know someone who you believe has senioritis, please report it to his or her respective counselor, as we hope to contain the outbreak before it becomes an epidemic.




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