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Got Cinnamon?

Caution: Don't read this if you're allergic to cinnamon.

The Cinnamon Challenge. You know what I noticed? More and more students have been attempting the Cinnamon Challenge at our school. I can't go around for more than a day without hearing someone talking about it. In case you didn't know, the Cinnamon Challenge is when someone decides to get a tablespoon of cinnamon and try to swallow it. Let's just say that doesn't end very well. The challenge itself at first glance may not seem that dangerous; it appears only pointless. Just something people do just to say that they've done it. A lot of teenagers film themselves attempting, mostly failing, and the videos usually end with the person spitting out the cinnamon.

"The Cinnamon Challenge was very very hard. I didn't pass the challenge and it was the worst thing I've tasted in a long time," said sophomore Desiree Dunbar.
On occasion, some determined person might successfully do the challenge and end up bragging for a very long time.

I'm simply stating what I've been hearing around school, and I don't recommend you try the challenge. Students don't seem to realize or care that even though there hasn't been any case where the challenge has been fatal, it could harm you in other ways. Students should be aware that it could affect your health and for those with asthma, well, inhaling/choking on the cinnamon is almost inevitable.

"I filmed myself trying the challenge and it was horrible. I practically inhaled the cinnamon," said Neha Prasad, a junior at FHS.

The cinnamon can be responsible for restricting your airways if you aren't careful…so before you decide to try the challenge, I'd advise you to stop and think of the consequences.




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