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THE fhspress.com GUIDE TO PROM

Prom is a big event in high school. It is a night full of dancing and fun. A night to get dressed up and celebrate with one's classmates. It is anticipated with excitement, planned with much time, and even though it may be stressful there is no doubt that prom is an unforgettable night to create lifelong memories with your greatest, closest friends, and/or significant other.

Red carpet

Style Guide for the Red Carpet

Prom is right around the corner and finding the perfect dress can be nerve-racking. I've put together some tips and guidelines to make finding a gorgeous and flattering dress easier.

This year, the prom theme is "A Night On The Red Carpet." Personally, when I think of the Red Carpet, I think of floor length, elegant gowns. I would highly suggest avoiding the short, skin-tight mini-dresses, simply because they are casual and better suited for Homecoming. Prom is the big deal so get something nice, but you don't have to break the bank to find a beautiful dress. Many department stores have great deals and sales during prom season.

When shopping for your prom dress:

• Look for the best styles that suit your figure.

• Look for silky fabric. This is important because although your dress may not be silk, the silk-like fabric seems to flow and look very soft and elegant.

• Gold, light pink, and baby blue have been very popular this prom season, and these colors flatter most skin tones.

• Metallics, sequins, and sparkles have also spiked a lot of interest within the last year. When you go with metallic, sequins, or sparkles, make sure to go with a neutral shades, this means – gold, silvers, grays, black, soft pinks, beige, white, etc. Avoid obnoxious shades with these because, quite frankly, a hot pink metallic dress is going to look cheap, and that's not the look anyone should go for.

• Some patterns seem wrong with certain colors, for example, a blue cheetah print. Have YOU ever seen a blue cheetah? I doubt it. It is very unnatural and looks tacky.

• If you are looking for a long gown, look for simple styles. While ball gowns are absolutely stunning, remember that you will be DANCING in a hot room, and moving around may be harder with a 5 foot in diameter dress. Also, I've seen a lot of excess fabric accents on dresses. Try to avoid this with a long dress, it is way over-done. Instead, look for a high-low gown. A high-low gown is when it's shorter in the front and longer in the back. It's a new style that's emerged, and very unique.

• Go dress shopping with friends, it's always great to have a second opinion and try on dresses you normally wouldn't. You'd be surprised at how flattering they may turn out.

• When it comes to shoes, it's pretty simple. If you don't think you can dance the entire night away in heels, DON'T WEAR THEM! If you're not used to wearing them, your feet will hurt, and you will not be happy. If that's the case, look for sandals or flats. Either match the color of your dress, accent on your dress, or go with something neutral. Do not try to add in a random color, it usually looks weird.

• Hair and makeup are tough to write guidelines for because everyone's face is different, so different hairstyles and makeup would apply. Test ideas for hair and make up beforehand so you things aren't rushed last minute. Just avoid giving yourself raccoon eyes, and whatever you do, DON'T use bright eye-makeup. It's very hard to pull off and I suggest just avoiding it.

Guys, you have it so simple. All you guys have to do is rent a tuxedo, which you can do at Tuxedo Den for $49.50 with one of the coupons posted all around school, and get a tie that matches your date's dress. If you don't have a date, pick a tie that maybe brings out your eyes, or goes well with your tux. Although a tuxedo isn't even necessary, if you have a nice formal suit, just wear that! Keep in mind that prom is a formal dance, so do not arrive wearing jeans.


Dinner and After Party
Students having dinner before prom

It is a tradition to go to dinner and enjoy a meal with friends before heading to prom. If you want to keep this tradition you can attend a number of nice restaurants like Chilis, Denny's, Red Robin, or Olive Garden. It is a way of fellowshipping together and gives you and your friends and/or date time to reminisce on the memories that made years in high school together so much fun as well as make new memories.

If you plan to go to dinner before the dance, just make sure to make reservations beforehand to ensure that when your party arrives, there will be enough room and time to accommodate you all. Also make sure to be careful so you don't get your clothes dirty.

There is also a tradition of attending after parties to continue all the fun and dancing. Many people continue to party at friends' houses. Those who are in the mood for something more mellow go bowling, play laser tag, or just drive through the city in their limo or party bus to end the night.



Students at prom pose for a picture

Whether you're going alone or with a date, prom definitely requires a lot of spending.

On top of purchasing a ticket, girls spend money on a dress, nails, hair, shoes and a boutonniere for their dates. Boys spend money on a tuxedo/suit, haircut, dress shoes, and a corsage for their date. If you want to go all out, more money will be needed for dinner, a limo, and picture taking.

To save money some choose to go alone like Maria Nguyen, who commented, "I think going to prom single is much less stressful and cheaper. You can have fun dancing with all your friends and not worry about taking care of your date."

Others who do not mind spending a little more money would rather go with a special someone like Elizabeth Portela, who commented, "Prom is such a great time to have with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It makes great memories for your relationship."



Many students consider prom to be one of the most important nights of their high school years. A great many would like to arrive in style, but not all students will arrive in a traditional limousine.

Rather than a typical limousine there are some students who plan to arrive in a decked out party bus with a group of friends. "I'm taking a party bus to prom," senior Charis Abrams said. "I heard it's like a big RV with couches, tables, and loud music." Party buses have more to offer such as couches, loud music, and plenty more room to move around than a limousine.

Though party buses are a popular option. Students also look forward to experiencing the red carpet treatment with an appearance in a traditional limousine or stretched version of their favorite sport vehicle. Anthony Escue, a senior, said, "I am arriving to prom in a stretched Chrysler 300 limousine." But no matter what students decide to travel in, everyone will arrive and spend an unforgettable night along side their friends and classmates.


(not) Drinking and Driving

Student drinking

Prom is the time to let loose, have fun, and enjoy the last big dance of your high school career. You spend months in advance shopping for not only dresses but dates as well for the big night. Although all of this is true and you should have fun, do not forget to be safe and cautious that night, both before and after.

DRINKING: If you are the legal age to drink, which most of you are not, at least drink responsibly. Have a designated, sober driver on hand at all times to make sure you arrive home safely to your loved ones.

DRIVING: If you're a lady and insist on wearing heels and driving, make sure to drive extra carefully.

DILIGENCE: If you're with that special someone and you decide to get cuddly and what not, be safe. Your junior and senior years in high school should be the most memorable ever. Don't complicate them with a bad choice, creating a roadblock.




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