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One-on-one with basketball coach Drew Hibbs
Coach Drew Hibbs
Photo by Vincent Newman.

Desiree Lopez: How long have you been a basketball coach?

Coach Drew Hibbs: I have been coaching for 24 years.

Desiree: What is it like being a basketball coach? Do you like it?

Hibbs: I love it, it's exciting. It's what I'm meant to do.

Desiree: Did you play basketball when you were a kid? And for how long?

Hibbs: Yes, when I was in high school and college. I had two older brothers that always played, so we played in the front yard by the garage. I've been playing since I could walk, basically.

Desiree: Have you ever thought about going pro?

Hibbs: Well, every kid thinks about it, but you have to be good at it. I was good in high school and I was ok in college.

Desiree: When do you think you're going to stop coaching basketball?

Hibbs: Don't know, it's hard to say. I have 15 years until retirement, so probably up until then.

Desiree: How would you explain coaching basketball?

Hibbs: It's all about mental and physical preparation. Understanding the game, understanding what we're trying to do. Trying to make them see what we are trying to teach them.

Desiree: What is the hardest part of coaching basketball?

Hibbs: The hardest part is not actually coaching basketball, it's the fundraising; the making sure there's rides to games. When we get to the court, that's the easiest part for me.

Desiree: Do you ever get worried or nervous before a game?

Hibbs: I actually like the feeling of getting nervous before the game. When I get nervous before games, I feel good about it. When I don't get nervous, that's what scares me. I think we are going to play bad if I don't get nervous.
Desiree: What is different and unique about this year's team compared to others?

Hibbs: This year's team is close, and they work together to reach common goals. They have had a lot of success this year, so far. It's a good group. They are playing together; They know the rules.

Desiree: Do you think this year is the best so far?

Hibbs: I think they are the best for a long time, since 2003 or 2004. It is one of the best.

Desiree: How close is the basketball team to the championship?

Hibbs: That's a long way away. We first have to finish our league. We are going to try to finish undefeated. Anything can happen during the playoffs.

Desiree: What advice do you give to a new coach on coaching?

Hibbs: Wow, it's very time consuming. It takes up a lot of free time. Be ready to make a commitment to the team.

Desiree: Do you ever get frustrated with your team?

Hibbs: Absolutely, all the time, but that's part of it. It's a learning curve. It's the work that you do and the teaching that takes place. The thing I get most frustrated with is the players making the same mistakes over and over. If it's different mistakes, we are OK with that, because if the kids make a mistake, we can fix it.

Desiree: If your team wins the championship this year, will you get another tattoo?

Hibbs: I will. I'll add the year we win.





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