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Slack named Teacher of the Year

Mr. Chaun Slack honored to represent Foothill's teachers.

Mr. Slack usues a visual aid to teach
Teacher of the Year Mr. Chaun SLack uses a visual aid to teach his fifth period biology class. Phot by Nicole Calimoso.

Elected by students, staff and parents here at Foothill, Mr. Chaun Slack, who not only teaches biology, but also advises our Leadership class (student council), and is one of our varsity baseball coaches, has been honored with the title of Foothill's Teacher of the Year.

Slack, who has been part of the Mustang staff for four years, truly devotes his time, energy, and even personal finances into bettering and positively impacting this school.

Being the advisor of our student council/leadership program, Slack has developed a feel for what the students here at Foothill are searching for by staying actively involved in making sure Foothill's events are the best they can be. He is always welcoming new suggestions from students, taking in opinions and considering what new opportunities he can provide for our student body.

"Mr. Slack has honestly been one of the most motivational teachers or advisors I've ever had the chance to know," said ASB Vice President Lina Mantanona. "He truly cares about us, as in the students, and you can tell that he puts his heart into helping us. He makes sure that we, in Leadership, stay on top of our duties. He also motivates us to be the best we can be in both student life and in the future."

Whether it is helping his students, coaching out on the baseball fields, or helping to organize our frequent events, Slack does what he can to make sure everything goes smoothly, even if it takes up his personal time.

It is this devotion and dedication that truly makes Chaun Slack deserving of the title, "Teacher of the Year."



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