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Hey, don't be a bully

Teasing, name calling, and playing cruel jokes are just some of the many ways to bully another person. Bullying is becoming a serious offense in high school but its beginnings go back even further to elementary school.

Bullying is any form of aggressive behavior being done either physically or verbally. A bully is someone who uses these tactics to put other people down for their own personal reasons. Over the years bullying has grown worse and the antics being used have gotten more "creative."

It's not just physically abusing someone. If you're out with friends and you're all cracking jokes but it goes too far and someone gets their feelings hurt, that's also bullying. It may just seem like you're having fun with friends, but it's more. The side effects of bullying are serious and sometimes even fatal. People who get bullied do not deserve being picked on because they look different or they act differently. Some people get bullied for things they cannot even control, like mental illness or even for being smart. Is it wrong to like reading or to like school or to have a good relationship with your teachers? No, those things aren't wrong at all, but those are some reasons why people are bullied and that's just wrong.

Bullying takes a serious toll on victims' self-esteems and how they view themselves. Sometimes families of these victims don't even know; they think that their child is going to school every day and learning in a safe environment, but sometimes that's not true. After a while the frustration and pain that comes from being bullied eventually just gets to be too much and in some very sad cases it has led to suicide. It's sad to think of someone ending her life because someone else made her feel like she was worthless or didn't mean anything.

If you are a bully, you should really think about what you're doing and how you would feel if you knew that you took someone's son or daughter away from friends and family.



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