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The school year is almost over and seniors are on a countdown to their big day. The editors of fhspress.com offer this Guide to Graduation to ensure all seniors are ready to walk the stage and receive their diplomas.

10) Lighten the Load

Stack of textbooks

Make sure to turn in all the books you have checked out. You cannot walk during graduation if you owe the school any fees. Textbooks have to be turned in before May 25. You may do so before school, at lunch, and after school. Most teachers will set up a day where you can turn in books during class. DO NOT FORGET TO PAY LATE FEES FOR ANY OVERDUE BOOKS!




Mr. Welborn hands student her tickets

9) Get Your Tickets!
To ensure that your family can see you on your big day, you must get tickets. Graduation tickets are given out to seniors who show up to graduation practice. If you skip these practices, you will not get as many tickets. You can also ask for more tickets, but it's first-come, first-served. So if you want a lot of people showing up for your big day, you need to make sure you're camping out in front of the office the night before the staff hands out the extra tickets.


8) Come One, Come All
To ensure that your family and friends will be able to attend the once-in-a-life-time graduation ceremony, send out your invitations early. It is not only smart, but it's also polite to send invitations early so loved ones can "save the date." Make sure to include the ceremony tickets with the invitations or people may not be able to attend the actual ceremony. Keep track of who you have sent invitations to, as each student gets tickets for only 10 people.Also if you plan to hold a graduation party, send out those invitations early, at least three weeks to a month prior to your party.

Students dressed in casual attire



7) Dress for Success
As this year's graduation ceremony is a formal event, graduates are asked to dress accordingly. A dress code was part of the "Memorandum of Understanding" that all seniors who are to participate in the ceremony signed. Girls are encouraged to wear light airy fabrics that will breathe under their gowns. Rather than wearing long pants or Capris that will look "tacky" with a gown, girls are encouraged to wear a dress or skirt. Boys are encouraged to wear a lightweight button-down collared shirt. Wearing a tie is strongly encouraged. Rather than wearing jeans or shorts, boys are greatly encouraged to wear dress slacks or pressed khaki trousers. Flip flops, casual sandals, tennis shoes, and bunny slippers are prohibited. Girls are to wear a nice sandal or high heeled shoe. Boys are to wear dress shoes or solid brown or black athletic shoes.


Student wearing cap and gown

6) Fitting Attire
Caps and gowns were ordered early in the school year but they are not scheduled to arrive until May 14. Jostens will be on campus and handing them out. Seniors are encouraged to try them on that same day to ensure they fit right and are the correct length. Girls are encouraged to try on their caps to make sure they will say in place. Using bobby pins will accomplish this task and using white ones are better as they will match the cap. As a finishing touch, seniors might want to iron the gown on a low-setting making sure not to burn the fabric.





Students share a high-five

5) The Buddy System
At the ceremony graduates will walk in groups of four though the stadium. All graduates are to be paired up respectively with someone of the opposite sex. Seniors had to choose their partners by mid April when graduation practices started.




Students at graduation practice

4) Practice Makes Perfect
It cannot be stressed enough how important attending graduation practice is. Not only is it mandatory to attend to get tickets, but I can assure you that we'll all be pretty ticked off at you for messing up if you don't know what you're doing at the ceremony. We do not want to look unprepared and sloppy. Remember, it's noticeable if you go the wrong way, or you walk too fast or slow. DON'T MESS UP.



Student's grades

3) Making the Grades
You MUST pass required classes with a D or better. If you have failed any classes, you MUST make them up in summer school, in another school year, or in an after-school program. If you have not met your requirements yet, you will not graduate and you will not walk with your class. However, you may make up the classes you need in summer school and still get your diploma in August.


Two students say goodbye

2) Never Forget
Your high school years are quite memorable. They are filled with ups and downs. No matter what you went through, your friends were always by your side. Thankfully, you had teachers and family to support you, but your friends were the ones you played sports with, studied with, joked and fooled around with; they were the ones you made memories with.





1) The Big Night
Once the big day comes, it's over. Our 4 years together will come to an end. Some will continue on with their education, some will go straight to work, while others will join the military. Many of us will stay in touch, but once you think about it, this will be the last time every one of us will be together. Enjoy the night, share it with your loved ones, and be prepared for your future.






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