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(Texting Death) While driving...
Texting behind the wheel

Since January 1st, 2009, texting while driving has been illegal in the state of California. However, after two years, countless individuals still break this law today. Many of these lawbreakers include high school students. These are fresh new drivers who haven't legally been on the road for more than two years. Does this concern anybody? Or maybe it's not a big deal to some people. According to a survey taken by the American Automobile Association, 46% of teens have admitted to being distracted while texting behind the wheel.

The issue is not that students are ignorant that texting while driving is dangerous, it is the fact that they still do it while they know the deadly facts.

"I think it's dangerous," said Senior Kiara Martinez, "and no one should do it. But sometimes I might even think about doing it too."

The average time it takes for a driver to look down at their text and then look up is approximately four seconds. Now let's say that the driver is going 55 miles an hour. I'll save you the calculations and tell you that the distance covered in those four seconds is 120 yards. That's equivalent to the length of a football field! A lot could happen in that time. Many people have been seriously injured, or even killed, due to someone texting and driving.

Driving with someone who is texting while driving could be just as dangerous.

"I don't want to be driving with someone who is texting and driving," senior Ben Moshonchuk said, "and when I see that they're about to do it, I take their phone away." You also have to worry about getting a ticket. The minimum fine for texting while driving is $159.

What if you have to make an emergency call or a text while you're driving? What do you do then? The best advice would be to pull over, or wait until you reach your destination until you do make that text.

Many students don't see the harm, but there is a big price to pay. Senior Richie Xiong says that it's a bad habit and it could really affect the people around you. So be careful. It could easily affect your wallet, your car, or your life.



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