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Make yourself involved with clubs

It has been approximately six weeks since we have entered a brand new school year in 2012-2013 at Foothill High. Time is definitely passing by as we progress through the year and survive each week of learning. A brand new year means an opportunity to join any clubs that are offered on the campus.

Our school had an event during lunchtime during the week of September 4-6 called Club Rush. This gave some of the clubs a chance to inform the students of Foothill of their existence and the things that they do throughout the year.

Club Rush table
A student signs up at the Triathlon Club table. Photo by Dasha Tsakke.

The clubs that were participating in this annual event were MESA (an acronym for Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement), Asian Club, Key Club, African American Student Alliance (AASA), California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Triathlon Club, Spanish Club, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and Leadership, which was trying to recruit freshmen. Each of the clubs had its own table set up down at the quad, which made it convenient for students to walk around and sign up for any clubs that struck an interest to them.

On the first day of the event, a slim number of people signed up since they had a three-day weekend, in honor of Labor Day, so they probably forgot. On the second day, more people showed their interests and signed their names up. On the final day, if anyone wasn't able to sign up on the previous days, this gave them a last chance in order to do so. Overall, this Club Rush was a success since the clubs were able to recruit many people to their clubs and see people wanting to get involved with school.

Don't forget about the other clubs that didn't show their faces down at the quad. CLIC, which was already organized and didn't need to recruit, and Christian Club are both offered and will be happy to take you in.

So join any of these clubs above or be square.

Starting off the year with a bang!

On September 7, another exciting event took place called the Back-to-School Rally! It is something to look forward to when you want something fun to kick off your new school year.

Leadership is behind the organization and the set up for the rallies. For this one, it was an impromptu rally since they were notified about two days prior to the event. So they had to quickly advertise and announce the news and hang up posters to tell everyone to wear black and orange, Foothill's colors, to be spirited on this day.

Thus, you can imagine that they were running around, completing specific tasks, and trying to put our first rally together fast.

Our school's ASB Vice President, Cristina CastaƱeda, was our rally's emcee and she did an outstanding job at keeping the audience entertained. We had performances from Nyesha Blewett and Michael Novang, who each did a well-done job on their choreographies.

As always, the department heads and teachers were showcased to represent the subject that they are teaching.

There was also a performance from our cheerleaders, wishing and cheering for our school's football team the best of luck for their first home game that night.

During the rally, there were three games that were played which involved baby food, dragging partners around the gym floor, and doing certain tasks to be the first ones to win. Finally, each class had at least two people to help their class win for wearing orange and black. In the end, the Senior class took the victory.

Despite having to quickly put together a rally on a short notice, Leadership pulled off an awesome first rally.



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