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Mr. Brian Welborn
Mr. Brian Welborn speaks at a recent faculty meeting. He will serve as Foothill High's interim principal through the end of the current school year. EQUI file photo.
Foothill High School names Welborn interim principal

Changes are made after FHS principal Joe Williams takes job as district interim superintendent.

In the recent weeks, a new principal, a quite familiar face from our campus, has graced Foothill High School. After the school's former principal, Mr. Joe Williams, accepted the highly honorable position as the superintendent of the Twin Rivers Unified School District, VP Mr. Brian Welborn took up the challenge of becoming Foothill's principal.

This school year marks Welborn's sixth year of dutifully working for Foothill. After five years of being Foothill's vice-principal, Mr. Welborn proudly calls it home and feels ready to carry out and face his new role. Since plans and arrangements had been made before Joseph Williams received the news, becoming principal of FHS did not come as a shock to Welborn. Greatly excited but a little bit nervous to take on this challenging new role, he stated that he was grateful for the expressed support from the teachers and parents alike.

"This is where I want to be," said Welborn to fhspress.com.

Williams will be missed by the students and staff, and especially Welborn, who thought of him as a marvelous mentor. The previous superintendent of the district, Mr. Frank Porter, retired, and thus a qualified applicant was searched for. Most agree that Williams was well suited—one can even say destined—for the district job.

The transition from VP to principal did not tilt Welborn's world sideways. After being a part of Foothill for many years, becoming principal just entailed more responsibilities and the overseeing of more decisions for the school.

Concerning changes for Foothill High School, what Welborn mainly desires is to keep things running smoothly, such as keeping CST scores rising and improving the school's technology.

Welborn is a jolly man who almost always displays a friendly eager smile on his face. He is a straightforward man, always ready to address anyone's questions or concerns.

Interviews are soon to be conducted in search of a new vice-principal to join FHS. The goal is to have a VP chosen by October.

As for some fun facts about Foothill's excited new principal, Welborn has been a local of Sacramento his whole life. He went to high school in Bella Vista and graduated from Sacramento State University. Claiming cheeseburgers as his favorite food, it's hard to believe when he is seen appetizingly munching on some celery sticks and carrots.

NOTE—fhspress.com Business Manager Dasha Tsakke contributed to this report.



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