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Keep the bathrooms clean for everyone

Sharafenna Williams

Sugar and spice and everything nice; it is sometimes said that is what girls are made of, but is cleanliness a part of that? Sometimes it doesn't seem like that. We're supposed to be clean and care about our appearances, but shouldn't that also include our surroundings?

Shouldn't our homes and bathrooms be just as clean as we are? Most likely at home our rooms and personal spaces are tidy, but what about our bathrooms here at school? Why can't those bathrooms be just as clean as the ones at home? Is it because we just don't care or what? Our girls' restrooms at school are nasty and unclean.

Now I know there's not always toilet paper or hand soap, but is it really necessary to leave the water running or to write in the stalls? How hard is it to flush the toilet? You do it at home all the time, so why not here? It's so bad that some girls just refuse to use the bathrooms here at school because they're just not comfortable.

It's really frustrating sometimes that you have to go to a whole separate bathroom just to wash your hands with soap or to dry your hands.

The mirrors in the bathrooms aren't really mirrors because you can't see yourself and they're old. In some minds, the thought may be why keep the bathrooms clean if they're still going to look bad?

We should have more updated bathrooms, but what would be the point in that if we can't even keep clean the ones we have now? We are girls here and our bathrooms smell and look worse than the guys' bathrooms. Why is that? Our bathrooms should be clean.

Now not to say that they have to smell like roses, but they should be in a lot better condition than they are.



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