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A pint of prevention is worth a pound of cure

By now, everyone should have at least heard about the upcoming blood drive. Much has been spoken about it, and the excitement about the thrill of donating is in the air! The day is tomorrow, Friday the 26th, and the location is in the gym. Thanks to BloodSource, this thoughtful event can occur conveniently right here on campus, to let high school students participate from an early age. The purpose is to distribute the blood to hospitals and any needed places for blood transfusions. And it's all for a good cause—to save lives of many fellow individuals in need.

Blood drive registration
The nurses go through a qualification process to make sure the student is eligible to donate blood. Archive photo by Kaleb Abner.

We'd like to say that this opportunity is open to everyone, but unfortunately, not every person who walks through the doors of the gym will be admitted. You must meet the eligibility requirements. You have to be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you have to get a parent's consent, so they understand when you come home with a bandage on your arm and an "I donated blood" sticker on your shirt, then they can free you from chores that evening. Also, let them know so they can be proud of the good deed you're doing. If they agree to give permission, then they have to sign the consent form, which you turn in to a table set up near the student store.

If you are 18 years old, you simply have to show the nurses your California ID during the blood drive and you are ready to go.

There is also a weight requirement. You have to be at least 110 pounds. If you weigh lower than that, you'll just have to hope you gain enough weight by next time the blood drive comes around. The reason is that there is the danger of having your head spin round, and losing consciousness, or fainting when you get up after your brave donation. We don't want that to happen, because we care about your health and well-being.

If you're eligible to give up a pint of your blood, make sure to drink LOTS and LOTS of water—even more than the daily recommended amount of 8 cups—today and tomorrow!!! And eat some breakfast full of proteins as well. These two together can save you from becoming delusional after your blood is pumped out! But alas, do not worry, because you don't have to be apart from your precious blood for very long. The entire amount of plasma taken usually gets completely replenished in a matter of 24 hours. The red blood cells take a bit longer, about three weeks or more.

Get some sleep tonight and be ready to contribute to society and humankind with that generous pint of your blood. Feel good inside! Many have had such an amazing experience doing it. The nurses and coordinators are extra cautious and friendly. Don't forget that there are snacks available after the process, to replenish your strengths, and as a bonus for your time and kindness!

Trash left on campus
Some trash that a student left behind on school grounds. Photo by Dasha Tsakke.

No Litterbugs Please

A short walk through the halls of your school, and you wonder if you just walked into the after-effects of a tornado. That's because you are exposed to piles of trash and junk and garbage all over the place. Whether it's a rotten apple, the leftovers of a McDonald's meal, a snickers wrapper, or some other strange indistinguishable matter, it's not pleasant to view. And you think to yourself, "Are people THAT lazy to dispose their garbage after they are done using it? Do people not want a clean campus when they walk on it everyday for school?"

With trash cans at just about every nook and corner, we have no good excuse not to throw trash away. We are perfectly capable, but we just sometimes decide not to use our abilities on a daily basis. Being lazy to escort yourself up to one of those cans or stating that it is far out of your reach isn't an excuse to leave the disposal behind and let it scatter on the ground for students shoes to stomp on and get dirty with food particles.

Imagine a world in which you didn't come across trash every five steps. Imagine a world in which your eyes would be astounded by the beauty of how clean and fresh everything looks. That is a world that the Foothill campus should strive for, every day, with every responsible action.

We also want to be respectful to the custodians, who already have so much work piled on their plates, that they just don't have the time to clean up random trash that shouldn't even be there in the first place. We must take into account that we've had a reduction in the number of staff in the last year or so. Let's make those custodians be proud of us, when they see how respectful and helpful our actions are. Let the parents see how mature the students are and feel at ease about the environment their children are in every school day. Let the whole world be astounded at how much improvement is possible when a big student body take a step forward, even if they help just a little bit.

So please, be courteous and do each and every one of us a favor. Pick up the dirty mess you're about to leave behind and place it in the nearest trash can so that you won't feel the guilt and shame. It really makes a difference, trust me. Don't let your friends get away with leaving piggy messes, and don't do it yourself just because so many other people do. Withstand that idle urge, and when you leave the place the same way it was when you came there, you will be reducing your carbon footprint. Go, Mustangs, go!

College Day is Approaching

This upcoming Monday, October 1, is the day when Seniors can begin the process of applying for colleges!

In order to encourage, support, and cheer them on, Foothill High's staff will be wearing their college shirts. Students can also wear their college shirts of their choice! So try to find one in your closet and remember to wear it on Monday!

So if you wear your shirt, you might get a chance to be in a photo in a yearbook for wearing one!

Be prepared to be surrounded by different colleges in California, and beyond.

NOTE—fhspress.com Business Manager Dasha Tsakke contributed to this column.



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