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Get dressed up for Homecoming Week

Homecoming is around the corner

The season has recently transitioned from summer to fall. Although we will miss cooling under the air conditioner from the hot heat at home, I know we have been waiting for the chilly air to encompass us all. October is just the month for that occurrence to happen, as well as many exciting events that are coming our way shortly.

Homecoming posters

Leadership informs students about Homecoming with a poster. Photo by Kimberlee Nguyen.


One of the events that will appear on our doorsteps is Homecoming! Homecoming lets each class indulge themselves in the fun of dressing up for Spirit Week; a rally to pump everyone's spirits up; a tailgate/carnival to set the mood prior to the game; a Homecoming football game that will surely be intense as our football team plays against our competitive opponents; those awesome floats that will be showcased during halftime of the game; and, of course, a magical Homecoming dance to end this fun week-long event.

Homecoming week begins on the week of October 8-13; the Homecoming rally and the football game occur on the same day, the 12th, while the dance is being held on the 13th, bringing Homecoming to an end.

If many of you haven't seen them yet, there are papers taped on the windows of some classrooms, informing you the days for Spirit Week. Just in case you won't be able to take a glance at it before it starts, the days are as follows:

On Monday, it is Sports Day. Dress up in your favorite sport gear or if you have a jersey of your favorite team, feel free to wear that! Show them that you know the game with your apparel.

The following day is Cartoon Day. There is a variety of cartoon characters to choose from but the presumed problem is how can you find the clothes to dress up? Try as best as you can to bring out that creativity and imitate that character with the materials in your closet. You'll be surprised with the outfit you just put together.

Coming to the rescue, it is Superhero Day on Wednesday. A cape, a shirt with a superhero symbol imprinted on it, or a full costume of a superhero all work! The important thing is that you show off the powers of your favorite superhero outfit.

Deck out in nerd style on Thursday for Nerd Day. Have those thick-framed glasses or dorky-looking pants tucked away in boxes somewhere in your closet? Well, pull them out and put them on! Now it is the time to dress up as a stereotypical nerd.

Go ALL out in orange and black for the traditional Spirit Day on Friday!!! We want to see yourself covered with orange and black from head to toe, so start planning and getting things together to show off your spirit! A bit of advice: Don't over excess yourself in just plain orange, or you'll just look like a pumpkin wannabe.

So there you have the days for Spirit Week. Don't be shy to dress yourself up for any of these days. It is worth the fun once you participate!

Got scholarships?

On our campus, there is a small room that is adjacent to the counseling office called the Career Center. When you step into this quaint room, you will meet a friendly guy, Mr. Kiffin Yan. Both Mr. Yan and the Career Center are helpful and useful if you're in need of assistance of anything relating to college and career exploration.

The Career Center white board

Scholarships are scattered across the whiteboard in the Career Center. Photo by Kimberlee Nguyen.

But that is not all he can do for you; he can hook you up with scholarship applications.
Several kinds of scholarships are taped on a whiteboard. There is a paper telling you what this scholarship is all about and right next to it there is a spot where you can take a paper and keep it.

If you think you can't grab hold onto a scholarship because your grades aren't above average, think again. Most of these usually require an essay in response to a question that is asked of you. This is a way for everyone to have a fair chance of getting that particular scholarship. Doing this also shows your character through your writing and that lets the evaluators know if you really deserve the money or not.

There are scholarships that have certain requirements for you to be eligible, though. For example, you have to be a descendant of an African-American or Latino in order to qualify for some of the scholarships available.

Don't think this great opportunity is only for seniors. There are some that are for sophomores and juniors as well. This is an advantage those of you who want to receive money early for college. So make sure that you take this chance and go and get one soon.

But, of course, you can't wait that long to send your scholarship in. There is a deadline for all of the scholarships, varying from October 5 through May. With that being said, no procrastinating on writing those essays or whatever you need to do so send it in as soon as possible.



Sports Day

Cartoon Day

Super Hero Day

Nerd Day

Spirit Day

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