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The wonders of the library webpage

As many of us know, our library is useful for having all kinds of books that are available to us in our hands and the services that it offers. But it doesn't stop just inside of the library; it continues in the outside world, specifically the Internet on the library webpage.

Diana Mulina checks out the library webpage
Diana Mulina peruse around the library webpage on the school's website. Photo by Kimberlee Nguyen.

However, not many of the students take advantage of it.

The webpage is administered by our two awesome staff, Mrs. Joanne Ligamari and Ms. Shannon Pegar. They are the ones behind the mechanics of building a stable, informative site to assist students on research for a school project and links to certain topics. You can tell they put in an enormous effort of trying to inform students about the library by their consistent updates as well as helping them with information on topics.

The problem is, "I don't know if students are going on it to use for research or for updates from the library and that is the frustration of it," said Mrs. Ligamari.

By that statement and having a nice conversation with her, I can tell she is dedicated in making the page very useful to us both at home and the school. She provides several kinds of links on topics such as research, citing sources, SAT's assistance, and many more. There is also a link that will lead you to some E-books online!

The library webpage is located under "Resources" on the school's website. It has been updated just recently about an event that will happen online throughout next week (Oct. 14th-20th). In celebration of "Teen Read Week", the webpage will be hosting a virtual scavenger hunt with a prize of delicious homemade cookies of your choice and a brand new book. More details can be found on, of course, the helpful library webpage.


Don't forget to check up on it regularly or for any information that you may need educationally.

Dive into the world of cultures

The annual event has arrived at school once again. It is a four-day week event when students can enjoy the diverse culture with certain club's entertainment and tasty foods.

It is called International Week.

On each day of the week, a different ethnic club offers some form of entertainment for students to enjoy and a meal that students can purchase to accompany the fun. The days are as follows:

Asian Club will commence the event on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the African American Student Alliance will show off with what they have.

Spanish Club is going to take over on Thursday.

And German Club will finish it off on Friday.

So make sure you bring money to fill your tummy with some delicious food everyday, starting Tuesday!



Asian Club

African-American Student Alliance

Spanish Club

German Club

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