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Jostens representative
A Jostens representative informs seniors of the significance of graduation. At left is one of the Senior Class advisors, Mr. Martin Ledesma. Photo by Ruvim Noga.

It's already time to think about caps and gowns

Informational flyers and catalogs are offered to seniors in an assembly to help get them ready for graduation.

For many seniors, the idea of graduation is unbelievable. With the school year still in its beginning stages, graduation feels like an event in the distant future, too far away to even think about.

However, last week, a presentation from Jostens regarding graduation attire has put reality into clear focus. Though it may seem early in the year, the time to order caps, gowns, and tassels is now.

A representative from Jostens began the presentation by emphasizing the significance of one's high school graduation day and the value of the accomplishments leading to this celebration. In order to make the event one of the most memorable, Jostens offers a number of options for students to add a personal touch to their graduation day. Jostens has personalized invitations and announcements to share with family and friends, including their new Shine FX Premium Card Collection, to give the event the ultimate special effect.

Jostens also offers senior gear, such as t-shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts, tailored for both genders to express Class of 2013 pride. The diploma of graduation is the ultimate symbol of students' achievements; Jostens recognizes the value of this by offering diploma frames, plaques, and memory books. In addition, accessories such as crest tags, necklaces, and inspirational lockets are fun reminders of the joys of high school.

Lastly, the class ring is the ultimate senior keepsake, and it is the perfect way to share who you are, the legacy you are leaving behind, and your aspirations for the future ahead. Seniors are able to choose from a number of collections or custom design their own class ring with different stone options, ring sides and engravings, and metal qualities. Whether you are defined by the sports you played or the clubs you were a part of, these aspects can be forever reflected on your personalized class ring. The quality is exceptional and will last a lifetime, just like the memories of high school.

Jostens will return to Foothill's campus on Friday, October 19, during lunch in the quad. This is the optimal time to submit your order forms in order to get the best prices on your purchases. After this deadline, the prices will only increase. If you did not receive the informational flyers and catalogs, direct yourself to room S6 (Mr. Martin Ledesma) or C7 (Ms. Beckie Bloemker).

As time continues to fly by, you may come to the realization that graduation is a lot closer than you may think.



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