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Increase your knowledge with tutoring

Having trouble in that one particular subject that you cannot comprehend at all? No matter how many times you try to get those concepts down and drilled into your head, there is no such luck.

Well, fear no more in those struggling moments, for there is going to be a tutoring program available, starting next week.

Stressed out student

A student tries hard to memorize vital properties for math. Photo by P. Nguyen.

This program is proudly made available for students who are in need of assistance by CSF (California Scholarship Federation), ETS (Education Talent Search), MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievements), and Key Club. The peers that are going to help you are gathered from the subjects that they have the most strength in, so this ensures that you will receive the best tutoring possible.

It will be begin on the 29th of October in the FHS library. You will meet your tutors on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays of each week but you don't necessarily have to go on all three days, only the days you need to. It will be from 2:35 PM to 3:25 PM so be ready to gain some knowledge power and ask questions in this duration of time.

Need help on History? They've got that available. Math, or science? They're there, ready to pull your brain into the world of learning. The subjects that are offered aren't limited to just one or two; tutoring is open to ALL of the subjects. Don't be afraid to ask for help in more than one subject; this is the purpose of this program.

If you don't need any tutoring but you're interested in being a tutor, you can sign up in the library by talking to the teacher librarian, Ms. Joann Ligamari. Increasing the amount of tutors will be marvelous and it will be a great addition to add to your community service hours. Most importantly, it will help our school and possibly improve the test scores, which we should always strive and aim for each day.



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