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Restrain your boredom over the "No School" days and holidays

Three friends walk among leaves on campus
Three friends are taking a stroll in a beautiful area of the Foothill High School campus. Photo by Kimberlee Nguyen.

Kimberlee Nguyen photo

Shout your excitement in the air; we finally get a break from school to just relax and do any leisure activities that we want!

This month, we have many days off from school — November 9 is Furlough Day, Nov. 12 is Veteran's Day, Nov. 15-16 are Parent Conference Days, and the week of Nov. 19-23 is our Thanksgiving Break. As you can notice, there aren't many days that we go to school on… our dream has finally came true.

Although it does feel nice to get some time off, there is no doubt that boredom will hit us sooner or later. Here is a compilation of suggestions and things to do:

•Go to the mall. (Typical teenager activity.)

•Order at Starbucks and hang there in a peaceful environment.

•Catch a movie at Century Theatres. (Taken 2, Paranormal Activity 4, Wreck-It Ralph along with many others is already out in theaters. For Twihards, we have Breaking Down: Part Two coming out on Nov. 16!)

•Arrange a sleepover with your friends, purchase a load of junk food and pig out.

•Go to Sky High. (A trampoline paradise. Must get a liability waiver signed first!)

•Eat out at a fancy restaurant or buffet.

•Have a movies' marathon at a friend's house or your house.

•Plan a game night with your friends. (Video games, board games, etc.)

•Devise a plan for Black Friday so you'll be prepared when the day arrives.

•Go to the gym and work out those muscles.

•Visit the library or Barnes & Noble.

•Take a stroll at a nearby park and enjoy the surrounding nature.

•Spend some time fishing.

•Visit loved ones.

•Find a snuggle buddy.

Hope you enjoy the days off!



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