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Flu season has officially begun

Student sneezing

Michael Novang sneezes a mouthful of contagion. It is best to cover your face so you don't spread those germs around. Photo by Nick Mejia.


Kimberlee Nguyen photo

The nasty germs and bacteria have affected people nationwide and now have recently hit California. Students are beginning to catch the sickness that has been going around and no one likes the feeling of having the flu!

Before getting another body infected with your germs and bacteria, please make sure you cover your mouth with your hands or elbows when you're coughing and use a clean tissue when you're blowing your nose. The bacteria and viruses can quickly spread in the air that other students are breathing in if you don't cover your mouth correctly or forget to throw away that tissue when you're done.

For students who aren't sick (hopefully yet) and want to prevent themselves from getting the flu, supply yourself with a hand sanitizer. It doesn't fully kill 100% of the germs but at least it kills 99.9% of those bad boys! Another method of prevention is to wash your hands with water AND soap for about 15 seconds to assure your immune system that germs and bacteria are less likely to enter into the system. And definitely make sure to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as that can easily make you sick faster.

We don't want the whole school to be sick, so please make sure to do your best to not make another individual sick!

If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, it is a good time to do it as it can act as a great defense mechanism for your body. Remember, you can't get sick from the shot itself (it's made with a dead virus), and it not a guarantee that you won't get the flu, but it's better than not getting one.

The library life

If you haven't been in the library from the day we came back from Christmas break, make your way there pronto. The library has recently come up with a new contest and a challenge for everyone to do for the fun and enjoyment.

The new contest is happening every week called "Word of the Week." The task is simple: find the proper definition of the word and enter it in the W of W box. It's really an easy and fun contest to do and there might be a chance you'll win the fabulous prize.

To celebrate the first month of the year, Mrs. Joanne Ligamari and Mrs. Shannon Pegar have compiled a challenge. They challenge you to read the first lines from novels and search for their owners — the titles and authors. To read the first lines from the novels, visit the library and look for a bulletin board near the printer; you won't miss it. Or you can visit the library webpage and download the list of first lines. After you have found the authors and titles, email the librarians the answers via SchoolLoop and have your fingers crossed that you won the first edition book!

In addition to the new contest and challenge, there is also a formation of a Comic Book Club! If the idea of this sparks an interest in your eyes, consider joining. It will be starting on Wednesday, February 6th, so save the date on your calendar. For more details, it can be found at the most resourceful location — the library.

So come and participate or else you'll miss out the excitement and fun!



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