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Servers take the trays of crab to the hungry guests. Photo by Noemi Castro.

Volunteers served tables of Kiwanis Club members and their guests. Photo by Noemi Castro.

There was enough crab to feed an army. Photo by Dasha Tsakke.

Key Club teams up with Kiwanis Club at annual crab feed

Carmichael Kiwanis Club hosted their 19th Annual Crab Feed on January 19. Every year Foothill High School's Key Club is enthusiastic to volunteer at the event. On Saturday, 24 members arrived to La Sierra Community Center ready to spend their evening giving all their service to make sure all the guests would have an enjoyable time. Before the event began, all members gathered together to eat crab.

After enjoying their dinner, the members broke up into three groups. Each group was responsible for six tables. As the guests started to fill up the place, the members were instructed to introduce themselves as their waiter or waitress for the night.

Time passed by, and the members were seen exiting and entering the kitchen. Their hands full of trays of crab, pasta, or salad ready to set it down at the tables. After serving all of the food, they enjoyed watching the live auction. Hands were flying in the air to place a bid. Applauses were heard when a person had won a prize from the raffle contest.

Also helping at the Crab Feed were students from Del Campo High School and Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

As the Crab Feed was reaching its end, members went to their tables to clear the dishes and serve dessert. Members gathered together at the back of the hall observing the success of the event. Before the guests started to leave, the volunteers set a tip box on each table they served.

Last year, the club fundraised five hundred dollars and this year they have the hopes to have fundraised as much.

"The Crab Feed was a fun event," said Lance LaHainer, "which started out with us eating and ended with me and Minh [Tran] being told we looked like we were in a rock band. I recommend that other Key Clubbers try this service at least once."

This was Veronica Basco's second year volunteering at the event.

"The Crab Feed was amazing," said Basco. "The food was great, the people were sweethearts, and the overall night was successful"



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