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Ms. Jim's music class
Students listen to Ms. Jim's first piano introduction on the first day of school. EQUI file photo.

Students and staff believe in music programs

Whether you make it with your own hands or simply like to listen to it, odds are music is an important part of your life. Schools with music programs offer a whole new world of opportunities.

What would life as a teenager be like without music? Most would agree that it would probably be pretty difficult. High-stress situations would be harder to deal with and a lot of our students would lose one of the things that they're passionate about.

Music doesn't only have beneficial effects to those who listen to it, but also to those who can create it with their own two hands. Self-proclaimed 'band-geeks' will even go to extreme lengths in order to keep these music programs at school. Last year, for example, when there was a bit of a scare of the program being revoked, it created quite a reaction.

Thanks to several determined students who spoke to representatives at the school district, the program remained intact.

"Now, students have more opportunities to learn some really new things. They can learn how to play with violins, cellos, and all sorts of instruments," said our very own principal, Mr. Brian Welborn. "Music programs create more options and opportunities to be a part of something new. Students get a greater appreciation for music and as a whole these programs open a lot of doors."

Luckily for us, Foothill has a wonderful music program maintained by Ms. Jennifer Jim. If guitar, piano, or different types of band instruments are your thing, all that it takes is signing up for a class. If you would like to know more about the school's newest music program (strings), you can talk to Ms. Jim in the band room or read about it in the next issue of fhspress.com.



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