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AASA to host potluck dinner in celebration of Black History Month

Black History Month poster by Dasha Tsakke
Students in the ROP Digital Imaging classes produced posters commemorating Black History Month. Above is Dasha Tsakke's contribution.

Festivities begin at 3 p.m. on Friday, February 8.

Does a cultural potluck sound appealing to you? Then come and join the one AASA (African American Student Alliance) is hosting. What better way is there to share cultures and intermingle among various races than through food that appeases your taste buds?

Nyesha Johnson-Blewett, the president of AASA, came up with this idea as a part of the Black History Month celebration. The cafeteria is reserved for the potluck on Friday February 8, 2013, from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. The best part of it is that it extends beyond just the organization of AASA to all the clubs at Foothill High. Anyone who belongs to at least one club and does not show up empty-handed is welcome. There will be music provided, to create a comfortable atmosphere in which you can jazz up some dance moves if you want.

This isn't the only Black History Month event; AASA doesn't stop here! Originally AASA co-advisor's Taili Mugambee's idea, a 'blackout' will take place during all of the Wednesdays during February. This simply means dressing in black to show appreciation and respect to all historical black leaders. There are no requirements to participate. You can be of any race or color. So feel free to cover yourself in black from head to toe.

"The goal is to get everyone involved, to realize that we must pay tribute to leaders who have contributed to the people who we are today, who we wouldn't be without them" stated Johnson-Blewett.

"The purpose of Black History Month is not only to reflect on our history," Mugambee whole-heartedly added, "but to be inspired by it, and then to charter the course of the new history. The wearing of the black shirts is the signal of unity and camaraderie, joined together for the cause of identifying struggle, with attempts to move forward and be successful. It's possible that even today, black isn't seen as beautiful. It needs to be recognized as strong, powerful, and beautiful."

The Black History month is an important time for AASA and to many other people and organizations. When we think of prominent people who paved the path for African Americans, usually ones such as Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks immediately pop into our heads. Almost everybody knows that King promoted the idea of nonviolent resistance to unjust laws, and that Parks stood up to a white man on a bus, to whom she refused to give up her seat.

There are many lesser known African American individuals who have also made great contributions. For example, Medgar Wiley Evers was a dedicated reformer, whose reports of civil rights abuses in Mississippi helped to force social and political changes in the Deep South. Garrett Augustus Morgan was a brilliant inventor who created things many people use today, such as the traffic signal, hair-straightening preparation, and a respiratory protective hood. He even used this hood to save workers trapped in a tunnel system with fumes.

The AASA was reinitiated only this year, and still has much work to do at the campus, so come support it and participate in one or both of the events. SHOW how much you care and KNOW that your involvement can make a big difference in the progression of mankind. The real power comes from teamwork, from togetherness.

To achieve it, you must believe it. And if we believe, we can achieve. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."



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