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First try is a charm on the CAHSEE

If you don't pass the CAHSEE the first time, there are other chances that you will be able to. So don't stress over it.

Brandon Reed studies a CAHSEE manual
Brandon Reed studies a CAHSEE manual. Photo by Kimberlee Nguyen.

The CAHSEE has come for the 10th graders

No one likes to take tests, right? Unfortunately, in order to earn a high school diploma, the state of California requires every 10th grader to take a test called the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam.) and pass with a scale score of 350 or higher.

The CAHSEE is a test that is administered every year during the second semester of California's sophomore year. It is solely based on the student's English and math skills. Don't worry; you are not being tested on these skills on the same day (that will kill your brain cells). It is split into two days: February 5th will begin with the English-language arts portion of the exam and February 6th will conclude the exam with the mathematics portion.

Should you stress over it since it IS an exam?

"Students should review for the CAHSEE prior to taking it; however, it is truly nothing to stress over," said senior Aileen Chhen when asked if sophomores should stress over it. "After all, it consists of everything they have already learned and should know."

Students who took the test before said it was an easy test that is based on a fifth grader's skills, so you shouldn't worry too much about it. Still, some teachers may decide to prepare students for the CAHSEE to go over the material for a couple of weeks prior to the test, so students can expect what kind of the questions the test will be asking.

If you're unable to pass higher than the required score on both of the portions, then there are many chances for you to attempt and try again. In 11th grade, you can take the test two times. And in 12th grade, you have up to five times to take the test. So, there are plenty of times you can pass and be able to get your diploma.

Whether or not you're stressing over the CAHSEE, it is always good to do some amount of studying if you can, so you can feel confident and determined that you will pass it on the first try.

Best wishes to the sophomores and to the juniors and seniors if they are retaking it!



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