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Celebrate Valentine's Day with or without a significant other

A boy gives a girl some flowers
Photo by Kimberlee Nguyen.

Here are some ideas for couples and those without a special someone for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is the day people either dread the most or spend with their significant other. It is celebrated on February 14th every year around the world. This day isn't only celebrated for people in relationships; it is more for expressing your feeling towards all those you love (parents, siblings, and friends.) Whether you're spending the day without that special companion or not, here are some ideas on how to spend it for both statuses.

For all you adorable couples out there, you guys can go out on a romantic date or just stay in and enjoy each other's company. If the two of you are planning to go out, try a new exotic restaurant to give your taste buds something different to jump around. Or do something cinematic and go to the movies to watch the upcoming dramatic and romantic movie, Safe Haven, coming out on Valentine's Day. It is based on the novel from Nicholas Sparks and about a young woman's struggle to love again.

Not in the mood to leave the house? Well, you guys can order pizza from Pizza Hut and simply watch rented movies from Redbox or peruse through Netflix together! Or maybe surprise each other with a home-cooked meal. Nothing is better than receiving food for your tummy.

As for what you should give to your boyfriend/girlfriend, these suggestions may bring a smile on their faces:

-Of course, embrace and express your love by giving those tight hugs and sweet kisses.
-Sing your own song that you've written because you're that good with those lyrics.
-Give handwritten letter on which you have put your thoughts and emotions.

For lavish gifts:
-A heart-shaped box filled with chocolates is nice to give for either gender.
-A bouquet of roses or some balloons are both good thoughts for the exchanging of gifts.
-A giant teddy bear will make most girls' day as well, wink wink.
It isn't necessary but whatever you guys plan to give one another, it will make both of you guys happy.

All the single ladies (and gentlemen) put your hands up! For most of you guys, this is the day that is most dreaded because there is an idea in your head that you should spend it with someone special instead of all alone at home. Some of you guys might like to call it "Single Awareness Day." There is nothing in the Valentine's rulebook that says you have to be in a relationship in order to celebrate this holiday. So, don't sulk around and wallow in sadness; instead, gather a group of your single girls or boys and have fun! Here are some suggestions:

-Plan to go to the movies to see the new movies that are coming out on Valentine's Day: Escape from Planet Earth, A Good Day to Die Hard, or Beautiful Creatures.
-Who says you need to be a part of a couple in order to go out for a special dinner? Get your group, dressed up in nice clothes, and dine in at a fancy restaurant.
-Go bowling and have a challenge to see who can score the highest.
-Have a gaming night until 5 in the morning. Wait, it is on a school night, so wait until an appropriate time.

See? There is no need to cry about being all alone on Valentine's Day. It can be a day to despise but you have people who love you, so conquer the day by being surrounded by them. In addition, you get to save a load of money to buy yourself some chocolate that will be on sale after the day is over!

If you're feeling confident and wanting to show your admiration to that secret crush since five months ago, surprise them or give them a single rose with a cute note attached to it. You can act as a secret admirer so the other person can guess who it can possibly be or do it in person as a romantic gesture. You never know if a small thing can spark into something beautiful!

Enjoy and celebrate what Valentine's Day is symbolized for: love. Show and give your love to people who mean a lot to you. But don't just do it only on this special occasion! Do it whenever it is possible.



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