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Mrs. Palmer and her class pose for a group photo
Students pose with AP Calculus teacher, telling her it's for the yearbook. Photo by Tim Biletsky.

Students thank AP Calculus teacher with surprise

Deciding to teach AP Calculus for the first time ever this school year, Ms. Mary Palmer undertook many responsibilities. She sacrificed hours on end so that the students could have a lesson plan prepared every day. The step-by-step process with which she taught made the toughest problems become not only possible, but easy. This became a class many students looked forward to coming to every day after lunch. She gave students hope in passing or even acing the tests, and they felt blessed to have such a caring teacher instructing them.

One day, a brilliant idea unraveled in Aileen Chhen's head. "Why not publish an appreciative section in the school newspaper for Ms. Palmer? Why not collect some quotes on sticky notes from classmates, to show her how grateful we all are?"

Aileen discussed the plan me and we loved it. We decided to help arrange everything to make it happen. Yvonne Vergara came up with another charming idea, an embellishment of creativity. She suggested making those sticky notes into a heart on a memorable poster to give to Ms. Palmer, who could keep it and never forget the students of her first AP Calculus class.

Hence, an undercover operation unrolled, and on the down low, post-it sticky notes were secretly distributed to every single one of the 19 students, who happily wrote how thankful they were.

It was decided that the project would be more complete with photos, so a photographer from yearbook, Tim Biletsky, was hired to come in and snap some shots of the entire class. As a cover up, Ms. Palmer was told that pictures were needed for the yearbook. She bought the idea, and did not suspect a thing. She knew that her students were up to miscellaneous deeds at times, but did not expect this.

It was truly amazing how well the entire class collaborated, and wrote out heartfelt phrases to dear Ms. Palmer. A teacher who usually was the last to leave the school, and who had to deal with our frustration on a daily basis, she has totally deserved this portrayal of appreciation. Why, she never stops in her excellence, and Foothill is lucky to have her.




Post-it notes
Here are a few samples of the post-it notes written for Ms. Palmer. See below for all of the dedications. Photo by Aileen Chhen.

Mary Palmer's students express their gratitude and appreciation:

Hey Ms. Palmer,
You are a wonderful Calculus teacher. Although the content is a nightmare, your character makes the class worth going to everyday. With every great endeavor, a great, glorious legacy shall be forged. I am sure that the "Palmer Era" will reign and will always be remembered.
Thanks, proud to be a Calculus student,

Mark Lee

Students pose with Ms. Palmer
Dasha Tsakke, Aileen Chhen, and Yvonne Vergara pose with Ms. Palmer. EQUI file photo.

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