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The Novel Book Club is engaging in a "Flat Stanley" game; a Comic Book Club has opened up

Photo by Dasha Tsakke.

Photo by Dasha Tsakke.

Photo by Dasha Tsakke.

The Novel Book Club doesn't stop with its greatness. Always occupied with a novel or some innovative project, the members keep expanding their minds and creativity. They have just finished a novel by Joan Lowery Nixon. Currently, they are all collaborating on an interesting project called "Flat Stanley."

If you've never played this game before, it's quite simple. The FHS students have received a colored-in character in the mail, which was created by an elementary school student in Omaha, Nebraska. This character has been named and given a description. The goal of the players during Stanley's visit is to keep a journal describing the adventures and various interesting facts about this city/state, and snap many pictures with Flat Stanley in different locations. All the materials will be sent back or emailed around March 29, with a story to share with the students patiently waiting in Nevada. Now if you see students posing around Foothill High with a paper cutout, you will know the reason why.

Another way the Novel Book Club is busying itself is with preparation of an upcoming book fair. It will be launched off the week starting March 11, and will be open at the Open House Night on March 14. Everyone is encouraged to stop and take a look at the hottest releases and best deals.

As you can see, the Novel Book Club is a quite unique, cool place to be. The last meeting took place during lunch on Tuesday, February 13. Members are welcome to bring their lunch to the meetings, and they usually receive a tasty treat by the librarians. As Joanne Ligamari put it, the meetings are an "excellent place to pick up girls."

If you just aren't into reading long novels, and would rather engage in comic books and graphic novels, then you will be excited to here that a Comic Book Club has recently sprung up on campus. The first meeting was held last Wednesday, February 6, and already has 25 members. The comic books they have started reading are "Pride" and "The Runways." Their goal is to knock out at least 10 books by the end of the year. Meetings are held every Wednesday during lunch in the library, and now is a wonderful time to join.



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