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Seniors share their experiences with college applications

Applying to colleges is one of the defining aspects of being a senior. By the end of December, the majority of students had already submitted their applications whereas others planned on applying to more universities. The Class of 2013 describes their college applications experience and offers advice to next year's senior class. Some students had dramatic stories to tell.

Diana Mulina:
Applying to colleges was unforgettable. I was down to the week before deadline and had a near heart attack finishing my applications. After not eating or sleeping for a week and losing 4 pounds, I was happy to be over it and DONE! I hope not to relive this stressful experience when I'm applying to graduate school one day. Start early, and find a best friend who knows the apps inside and out (Like Dasha Tsakke).

Charlie Yang:
College applications weren't as troublesome as people referred them to be. They just seem to be very time consuming. Advice to next year's senior class, don't do it last minute. Start early, and you'll be less stressed! I was going to apply to UCs, but I couldn't because at the time my Internet was cut off so I was only able to apply to CSUs.

Dasha Tsakke:
I must have gone over my application at least 10 times before submitting, trying to make sure every tidbit was accurate. Although I did not see the daylight for a day or two of strenuous submitting, I know how important this step is. Since I asked the counselors a million questions, I helped my friends with college app questions, and that was the best part. No matter how early you start, it won't be easy, but push through. An ecstatic feeling will flood into your heart once you click "submit".

Aleks Avramova:
My college application experience was completely relaxed when I was applying to Sac State. BUT… when it came to applying to UCs, it was so expensive for me and I had a huge feeling of inadequateness as I clicked "submit". Then again, it really isn't a big deal so REMEMBER THAT. You don't have to have fancy personal statements or community service that is some prestigious project. Just be yourself and add as much recognition awards and community service as you can. (: Anything goes as long as you stay true. (:

Vincent Le:
Applying colleges was a very nerve-wracking experience because I was afraid I wouldn't make the deadline. It was an easy process for UC applications. My advice is start your personal statements early and get as many edits as possible.

Kimberlee Nguyen:
Man, college applications were a stressful time period for me. I made a mistake of submitting my apps the HOUR they were due. I was freaking out the last few hours trying to make sure everything was perfect and there were no flaws. Personal statements were the most irritating thing I've ever written in my life! But it feels so dang good when you have the prompt down. If you don't want to freak out and hyperventilate, do not submit them last minute – the hour of the due date – and start early. Plan your personal statements NOW! Good luck next year!

Michael Novang:
College applications were not as troublesome as everyone stated them to be. They were simple and a normal process. They were expensive, but hey, knowledge is power.

Yuriy Dzyuba:
My college application experience involved some time and effort. I wouldn't say it is as stressful as people interpret it. As long as you start early and don't procrastinate, you will have plenty of time to gather information essential to completing a successful application. I encourage all students to have options when they receive their answers from colleges which they applied to.

Nick Golub:
From my experience, college applications were close to the last minute thing. I started applying and then I left it off to the last week. Random things came up and it became the last day judgment. I was too busy concentrating on the UC application that when I finished, I totally forgot about the CSUs. Word of advice, start early and apply to both UCs and CSUs! –

Katie Velichko:
Listen to me dear children! Procrastination is not your friend! It only gives you stress and even more stress. What happened in my situation was that I waited until last minute to submit my college applications. Well, mostly I procrastinated my personal statements. I ended up having to write it in one day so Ms. Barrett could edit so I could submit it the next week.

Alisia Barrera:
College applications weren't as bad as they tell you. I applied to CSUs and unfortunately procrastinated until the very last week. Make sure to apply early to avoid stress and make sure you have enough time.

Cristina Castaneda:
College applications have always been a hassle and something to dread. I've avoided that unwelcome experience by taking the ASVAB and enlisting in the military.

Jose Lopez Rubio:
My advice to next year's senior class is to join the ETS program sponsored by UC Davis. There, with the help with Mr. Mugambee, you'll receive the information step-by-step for when it comes to submitting applications, either for colleges of financial aid and keeping track of important deadlines.

Mike Umana:
College applications can be pretty stressful. It takes a long time to get through one. They ask you for your background, income, classes, address, and your interests. My advice would be to gather the information first and do your apps early. Don't do what I did and do it last minute. You will be much less stressed if you do it early, and certain colleges offer special services to those who do it early.

AJ DeCastro:
My college application experience was weird. I did all of my application but did not turn it in because I couldn't afford it, and I already know I'm going to JC.

Artur Gorbenko:
My college experience lasted only a few days so I don't have a lot of experience. You should not wait until the last minute to apply. When applying, you need a transcript, legal information, etc. It is not so hard to apply to universities; it is like applying for a job to making an account.

Aaron Stroh:
There was a lot of work to do, but in the end, it was worth it. Don't stress out, but find someone to help you stay on the right track. CSUMentor is helpful when applying to a CSU. Use the library and the career center for center. Ms. Pegar, Ms. Ligamari, and Mr. Yan would be more than glad to help you.

Adam Goodwin:
College applications can be a complicated process if you procrastinate for too long. For me, I waited too long to gather the information I needed. I suggest getting it done early so it can be revised if needed. Do not be lazy and be thorough with your information.

Andrea Deveaux:
College applications are not fun. It is a hassle and can be take a while. It is best to get it done as soon as possible for it is really hard to do last minute. It is best to get help from people who have done hem before or programs that help people through the process, such as Educational Talent Search (ETS).

Mark Lee:
College applications was no simple task, but management of applications for CSUs, UCs, and other post-secondary institutions is the key to having a less tedious nightmare of applications. For CSUs, applications are straightforward and CSUMentor makes the application process fluid and less challenging. For UCs, the personal statement takes a lot of time, and applications asks for more background information. The crucial points of college applications are early SAT/ACT/SAT subject testing, decent GPA, information/data on your background, acquire letters of recommendation, and attempt to send in applications early for a possible early decision of acceptance from a college. Wish you all the best of luck.

Jen Jimenez:
Applying colleges can be really annoying and stressful but if you have all the information you need on hand while applying then it will be a breeze. The key point of applying is having ALL your information on hand!

Aileen Chhen:
Embrace the experience for what it is – it will be over before you know it. Best of luck.



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