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Photos by Dasha Tsakke.

Senior reunion party held for senior AP students

Looking back to the past years of high school, we realize the extent of our accomplishments and the challenges we have overcome to reach success. To celebrate the achievements of the AP students of the class of 2013, Ms. Dana Tobiassen hosted a meaningful party after school on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Ms. Tobiassen came up with the idea of a party to celebrate the seniors' last year of high school and completion of college applications. Dasha Tsakke and had a big hand in planning the event, and they made and distributed personal invitations for the party.

On the day of, students brought food and came together to reminisce about everything that had happened throughout these four years. As they sat around eating cake and ice cream, they recalled the memories, both the good and bad. In addition to recalling the past, they also thought forward to the future, discussing life after high school and college plans. Students took many group pictures to remember this special day. The room was filled with positive energy, and overall, it was a very bittersweet moment.

"The Senior Reunion Party was fine with its mellow atmosphere, and this would be one of the few times everyone will be together in this half of 2013," said Mark Lee. "We may have hectic times studying for our classes, and when it comes time to party, we shall eat, drink, relax, and enjoy ourselves to the greatest of our ability. Looking back someday, I shall remember all of my wonderful friends and the parties that we had back in the 'Great Days of Only Yesteryear.'"

Many of these individuals were former students of Ms. Tobiassen's 10th grade English Honors class, and this had been a very significant time, for it was the beginning where new friendships were forged. From junior year to senior year, these students practically had all of their classes together, the majority of these being AP. Through the time spent and the experiences shared, these students have become increasingly closer with one another, forming strong, everlasting friendships. Now, approaching the near-end of senior year, these students have become a close-knit family.

Walking back into Ms. Tobiassen's 10th grade classroom brought a strong rush of nostalgia. Many of the projects and writing assignments on the walls reminded students of the times that they had completed the very same assignments two years ago. Entering the same classroom again was almost like traveling back in time. The fast pace at which two years had passed was amazing. They realized how much things had changed, from who they once were to who they have become today. It can be enlightening to take a step back and review the years as they fly by.

Upon leaving, the students wholeheartedly thanked Ms. Tobiassen for organizing and hosting the party. However, their thanks and gratitude symbolized more than merely hosting the party. The gratitude was extended towards her hard work and support during the past years. Despite taking a break last year, Ms. Tobiassen has kept in contact with students and has been available for them whenever needed.

Ms. Tobiassen wrote a meaningful letter to the seniors expressing her thoughts of the past three years:

"I am grateful that we are all able to come together to celebrate the end of a stressful, but exciting time in your lives, as well as to mark officially the beginning of 'the big wait'. I hope you know that each one of you is special; never forget that. However, you are also a unique cluster of individuals who challenge each other to be better, to learn more, to persevere, and to grow. For almost three years that I know of, you have shared with one another the achievements, the disasters, and everything in between.

"Therefore, as the acceptances--and the rejections-- roll in, I hope that we will meet together again in mutual celebration and support. I like to think that, in my small way, I helped each of you along the path to higher education and adulthood. It is so nice catching up with you all.

"On an even more personal note, I want to let you know how much your heartfelt support has helped me throughout my challenges of the last eighteen months. Your card made me cry; I still have it. Your kind words and photos provided sustenance for my soul. The occasional email or lunch visit or simply your infectious smiles in the hallway have all buoyed my spirits. Even your presence here, . . today, out of your busy lives, feels a show of recognition for how much I care, feels a show of respect that sustains me. I will never forget. Thank you. Let's party."

The hands of time will always continue to move; that we cannot change. However, the memories of the past will always be treasured, just as the prospects of the future will be anticipated.



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