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Two great deals: Buy some books at the book fair; Get $5 off your prom ticket

This week's column is in two parts: First, there's a book fair scheduled in the library. Second, you can get $5 off your prom ticket if you act fast.

Students at September's book fair
Students look at the selection of available books at the September book fair in the FHS library. Photo by Diana Mulina.

Buy books at the upcoming book fair

Last September, our own library hosted a book fair. Next week, they will be hosting a book fair once again. The book fair will be opened throughout next week from March 11-15. It will also be opened during Open House, which is the evening of Thursday, March 14.

There will be different types of books that people can choose to their own interests and buy. Some of the types of books include Voices from the Past, Laugh Out Loud, Life Can Be Tough, Thrilling Adventures, and Popular Picks. Whatever your preferences of books are, you can expect to find a book that matches with that preference. The prices of the books are reasonable and affordable so there are no worries of having to break the bank.

So come on in all next week at the library and buy your very own book!

Dance away the night at the Moonlit Masquerade (and get $5 off your ticket if you buy it by Friday)

In order to go to prom, you will need to buy a ticket to get in. Tickets are being sold in room C3 during lunch. Get them there because they will not be sold at the door on prom night. Prom tickets are generally at $50 each but if you get them by this Friday, March 8, it is only $45. So, get them soon before the sale is over or you'll have to pay an extra five dollars next week. For guest passes, the $45 deal doesn't apply to them and are set at $50. To get a guest ticket, you need to have an application filled out no later than Friday, March 29.

The theme for this year's prom is the mysterious "Moonlit Masquerade." On this night, cover your face with a beautiful mask to seal your identity from others.

The location is set to be in Downtown at the Elks Tower. The address to get there is:
Elks Tower Sacramento
921 11th Street, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95814



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