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Seniors on the stadium field during Sunior Sunrise
Seniors gather for the third annual Senior Sunrise. Photo by Ema Pavlova.
Senior Sunrise brings classmates together

Despite a cloudy morning, students make the most of being together for what has become a tradition at Foothill High School.

Leadership organized the third annual Senior Sunrise, an event brought up as a way to make memories as a class and to remind each other that something new is approaching and that it's time to open our eyes and see that there is much more to high school that we are so close to beginning. This event took place Monday, August 19 at the Foothill High School stadium.

"One. We've become one, a family unit through these four hard years," said attendee Catherine Uhl, "but our years are quickly coming to an end. As the sun rises it shows light among the path to what we have become and where we will go after these past couple years."

Where other students were too focused on actually seeing the sun, which barely peeked out behind the clouds, there were students like Uhl who understood why we were there and what we were celebrating.

Before heading to the stadium, some students went to Denny's, had breakfast together, then met up for the sunrise. Student Cody Cook brought doughnuts, and American Government teacher Martin Ledesma volunteerred to attend as well.

"It was beautiful," said Ledesma. "The kids looked so content and happy. And someone brought doughnuts!"

Other students who attended, like Karen Barry, discussed her experience.

"I enjoyed Senior Sunrise because it gave me a chance to spend more time with my classmates," said Barry. "Before you know it, high school will come to an end."

"Senior Sunrise symbolized the growth of our class as young adults and how we learn to make better decisions on our own," Tequila Williams said. "It was amazing."

It's great to see students enjoying these activities and being involved in their last year of high school.



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