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David Entwislte making a tackle on Cody Cook
David Entwislte makes a tackle on Cody Cook during a preseason practice. Photo by Malik Powell.
Season Preview:

The football team is previewed by fhspress.com for the start of its season.

Much like last year, the Foothill Mustangs football team is once again with a new coach. Coach Tim Trokey, a wing-T guru and former Sac-Joaquin section champion, has left Nevada Union and become the head coach of our team. And as with every coaching transition, one question jumps to mind: who's starting? Here is the line up by position group for the first game tonight.


David Carter, Marcus Hanson
While Carter is the starting quarterback, tryouts for his backup have just finished, resulting in Hanson getting the position. Carter is also an incredibly versatile quarterback. He has receiver-type speed, allowing him to quickly escape bad situations and run mobile quarterback packages like Option.

Marcus Hanson, Dua'ne White, Derek Engelleiter, Erik Elder, Drew Lyles, TJ Iliili, Cody Cook, Andrew Hernandez

With the exception of Hanson, the starter, most of the running backs are around the same level of skill, with varying strengths and weaknesses. Much like the New Orleans Saints do, I feel we'll take a running-back-by-committee approach to this season.

nthony Silva, Dakota Willard, Brannon Litz, Gavin Clarke
Silva, hard-hitting defensive superstar of sophomore year, once again returns to fill the starting fullback position. With him at the helm, draw and counter packages should score with regularity.

Tyrone Potts, Trayvell Harris, Winston Leventon, Jerimiah Russell, Xavier Cruz, Kyree Nelson

We have always been a primarily running team, but the threat of passing has always been there. A solid receiving corps, led by Potts, will keep our team from relying too heavily on one type of offense.

Nick Pesefea, Richard Timms, Xavier Rodriguez, Henry Navarro, Jonathan Caldwell, Brannon Litz, Michael Sager, Charles M, Malik Hatcher, Jordan Costa

The key to any successful football team is a good offensive line. This year's line isn't our strongest, but with the right mindset and a good work ethic, they can take us were we want to go. But regardless of our overall strength, all teams beware of the monster looming within: Pesefea, our very own D-I prospect.

David Entwistle

The tight end position is a tricky one. Players can either block like linemen or catch passes like receivers. And no one does this better than David Entwistle. According to Maxpreps.com, David is ranked 10th in the Sac-Joaquin section for this upcoming year.


Derek Engelleiter, TJ Iliili, Cody Cook, Dakota Willard, Andrew Hernandez, Richard Timms, Xavier Rodriguez, Henry Navarro, Jonathan Caldwell, Brannon Litz, Charles M, Gavin Clarke

One of our more populated positions, our linebackers are trained to hit hard, run fast, and know what they're doing. Coaches Friend and Faranato have decided to run a 4-3 defense this year, having three linebackers and four down linemen on the field at any given time.

Anthony Silva, David Entwistle, Malik Hatcher, Nick Pesefea, Micheal Sager, Jordan Costa

The defensive line is the most crucial part of any defense. They stop runs, put pressure on the quarterback to pass the ball, and make the majority of tackles and sacks. Three of the four starting spots in our system are taken by Entwistle, Pesefea, and Silva. The fourth is to be determined.

Tyrone Potts, Trayvell Harris, Winston Leventon, Jerimiah Russell, Xavier Cruz, Kyree Nelson, Marcus Hanson, Dua'ne White, Erik Elder, Drew Lyles

Defensive backs include cornerbacks and safeties. Both have similar job descriptions: prevent receivers from catching passes and scoring touchdowns. Corners are right up against them, while safeties hang in the backfield in case someone gets burned.

Special Teams

Billy Andino, David Carter

The kicker is the player who kicks field goals and extra points. He also kicks the ball off at the beginning of games and after touchdowns. Andino, our starting kicker, is also a captain of the soccer team.

David Carter

The punter kicks the ball downfield to the opponent after three downs if the team feels they wont make a first down. Having a quarterback as the punter offers the possibility for a fake punt for the Mustangs.


The Mustangs play the Oakmont Vikings tonight at 7:00. With another new coach and another new playbook, this season seems a promising one. Come out and support your Mustangs!



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