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Roseville High School Guitar Show

Above and below: The fhspress.com Video Crew in December produced a double-DVD box set of Roseville High School's Advanced Guitar Program concerts. With an auditorium of its own, Foothill High School could produce events for choir, band, talent shows, and more. Photos by Ema Pavlova.

Roseville High School Guitar Show
Foothill High School needs an auditorium

Structure would benefit the school's band, choir, and drama classes. A great number of other events could also be held there.

I should start out by saying we need a school theater. I know you would ask, "Well where would we put it and where would we get all the money to build one?" I can explain.

We should do fundraising and we could put it in one of the fields on campus. The fields are not used that often. Even though we would have one less field, there are plenty more for the public to use. The freshmen though juniors could do fundraising; we need about $700,000 to $1,000,000, according to education writer Julie Sturgeon and her article on districtadministration.com. We could sell candies, t-shirts and a lot more merchandise.

There are even Foothill High staff members who have experience in writing grants. They could get together and write a grant to build a theater or auditorium.

Why we need it

We need it because the Drama Club doesn't any place to perform. They perform in classes and have no room. They need a backstage so they can get everything they need really quickly. They Drama Club would get a new experience of being on a stage to perform something, to have their parents sitting in the front row, cheering them on.

Another reason is so we can have a real talent show. No one wants to be on a gym floor singing or dancing. From my own experience, I didn't have fun singing in a cafeteria.

As with the talent show, we can put on a guitar show like Roseville High. This past December, Roseville High put on a guitar show and it was great. They had everything they needed back stage and it was all easy to access between songs. The fhspress.com Video Crew went to the Roseville High Guitar show and recorded it for them, making a DVD box set for their students and families. Click either Beach Boys or Beatles to check out songs from the Roseville High School Guitar Show.

Choir needs the theater as much as the Drama Club. They will get the experience of being in front of a large group of people, to feel stage fright, as well as trying to project their voices so the people in the back can hear them.

Nearby schools and community groups that don't have a theater or auditorium will be able to use the it for their own benefit. Foothill High will could receive money for the use of the auditorium for certain events, just like the stadium is rented out to local athletic programs.

Making FHS an attractive place to learn, by adding a theater or auditorium, will help students decide to enroll here (or stay here), instead of leaving to attend other schools in other districts.
The theater can be used for many different things and my opinion, we need a theater. It will help show off out strengths.



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