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Steph Parsons and Mary Bivens meet Mayor Kevin Johnson in a pizza restaurant
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson poses with Steph Parsons (left) and Mary Bivens after a chance meeting at a pizza restaurant. The girls were on a lunch break while attending a video filed trip. Photo courtesy of a security guard.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Mayor

We met Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson by chance on a video field trip.

On October 3rd 2014, Mr. Dommer took a few students from his classes and ROP Digital Media to the 18th annual North American All Youth Film and Education Day. This event at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento showcased award-winning student films from all over North America. These films were picked and judged from teens around the Sacramento area.

Bill Holshevnikoff was the guest speaker this year, he talked about the importance of lighting in film and pictures. He is known for being one of the leading experts in the lighting industry as well as an emmy-winning director of photography, lighting designer, and educator. He is truly passionate and spirited about his profession.

When lunchtime came around, initially Mr. Dommer, Steph Parsons, and I were going to go to a nearby Indian restaurant. Steph apparently didn’t like Indian food, (or so she thinks) but lo and behold there was a Pizza Rock, which was conveniently right across the street from us. It was nice to sit down and talk a little bit about upcoming projects for ROP Digital Media and fhspress.com.

As we were exiting, Steph was in her natural habitat, her eyes buried in her phone, and I was too busy trying to catch up to her to notice that we just breezed past the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson. Mr. Dommer luckily had noticed, shook the mayor’s hand, and called us back. Steph and I were fortunate enough to talk to the mayor and take a picture with him.

He was super nice and very enthusiastic for the short time we had talked to him. Sadly, we couldn’t stay for too long because the third showcase had started back up at the theater.

It was a pretty exciting experience to just randomly run into the mayor out of the blue.

According to Mr. Dommer, about 7 or 8 years ago at the same event, some students from Foothill High School met Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor at the time, when they toured the Capitol during lunch.

I can’t wait to see all the films next year and hopefully run into more personalities.



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