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Hard work pays off for football team

Video still of football game
The fhspress.com Video Crew was on-hand to capture the entire game for a commemorative DVD. Contact Coach Tim Trokey or journalism advisor Steve Dommer to purchase your copy.

The Foothill Mustangs defeat the Lincoln Zebras 27-26 in an overtime thriller.

So you know how the varsity team for FHS never wins a game? Well that changed on October 24. We played against the Lincoln Fighting Zebras.

A lot of people had shown up that night and were so excited for the game to begin. The JV had played right before and they had won their game, 46-28. People were already happy from that game and believed in the Mustangs.

For me, I was so tired and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep, but I couldn’t do that. I was up in the press box recording both games, like I have for the past season.

During the game we scored 2 touchdowns and the Zebras scored 3. So we were down by 6 and that’s it. In the 4th quarter we scored another touchdown and it was tied 20-20. The Mustangs did an amazing job about not letting the Zebras score. Regulation time ended and it was on to overtime.

Lincoln was first on offense. The Zebras scored a touchdown and missed their 2-point conversion. Everyone was ecstatic. Then it was our turn. We scored a touchdown and it was tied again at 26-26. We were going to kick the extra point.

Mary Bivens and I were talking about how we should do a 2 point conversion, since one was missed earlier in the game, but they chose to kick the extra point instead.

This time, Mary and I were no longer tired. We were jumping around the press box like maniacs. People looked at us like we were crazy.

Coach Tim Trokey had called a time out. Everyone was waiting for the Mustangs to get back on the field. When the time out was over everyone was cheering. The ball was snapped and the kicker kicked the ball.

As soon as the ball was in the air, you could tell it was good. When the refs said it was good, everyone went crazy. Mary and I were jumping even more than before. The football players were running into a big huddle to the kicker to celebrate. They were ecstatic.

“I felt like it was a great team win,” said Brannon Litz. “It made all the hours of hard work pay off, but we can't be satisfied with this win. We need to keep working and improving every day.”

Nothing could ruin this night. The football players made sure that nothing would ruin it for them.

Does this mean that they could win the next game, this Thursday night? There is a chance. We will have to see.



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