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Teams deal with injuries all season long

Coaches tend to injured player
Head Coach Tim Trokey and his assistant coaches, Ken Smith and Anthony Eustace tend to Duane White at a home football game. Photo by Mark Artishuk.

From cramps to breaks to concussions, all sports teams have to address injuries. FHS teams are no exception to this rule.

What is your worst injury? How bad was it? Did it keep you from doing something you love, or hate? Athletes know exactly what I’m talking about.

Many people get injuries. Some may be major and some may be minor injuries.
There are many types of injuries. Some of the main injuries are usually sprained ankles, wrists, torn ACLs, broken bones, and many more.

When you are an athlete, injuries usually are the worst of your worries but it’s always in the back of your mind. When getting injured, it’s devastating. Some of the injuries can cause you to sit out for a couple of minutes up to sitting out for the rest of the season.

Pedro Garcia plays goalkeeper on the soccer team and he told me out his injury.

“I got my injury on a one-on-one with the striker," said Pedro. "He outran the center back. He took too big of a touch and then I made a quick decision and I went for it. I got to the ball first, but the striker still went for it and slide tackled me. He hit me right in the shin and I was carried off the field.”

You can get injuries from so many different things. As for me, I got an injury, which is still relevant, from growing two years ago. In the fall of eighth grade I had grown at least two inches. With growing that fast, my muscles could not keep up with my bones. I didn’t notice anything wrong until I tried running one day and I couldn’t even take a step without almost falling in pain. I went my pediatrician and she had sent me to a bone and muscle specialist. They told me that I had Patella Overload. That is where, since I had grown, my muscles did not stay with my bone, so my muscle that holds my knee cap in place. That leads my knee cap to turn inward. I have physical therapy every day now and I have to be very careful on my knees.

Athletes naturally take everything seriously, even practices. Yazmin Renteria is no exception.

“Soccer is life," said Yazmin. "You already know that, but I was at practice and practice is like a game, we take it very seriously. So I was going for a goal and as I was going to kick the ball, my teammate gave me a shove, typical in soccer, and made me end up kicking the ground really hard. It made my ankle twist in an odd angle. I kept on practicing and it didn’t really hurt then, but when I got home I could barely walk on it. I told my coach and she said to ice it and keep it elevated and all that good stuff. The bad part about that was I had a tournament a few days later. So I didn’t play, but it was great to see the support my team offered. Sucks though to even know my ankle limits me and hurts every once in a while, especially in cold weather. Which means it’s always going to be injured.”

“That is super harsh on an athlete because you are looking forward to playing and you have been working so hard, but in the end you just get injured,” said Yazmin.



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